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Linda Mabrey
By Linda Mabrey
Created on Jan 22, 2024

Moisturizing for face skin’s considered an important step for improving the beauty  of women. However, how to choose a right and suitable Hydrating Face Cream for your skin, still makes you  difficult to do. Normally, most women who choose an cream with only brand or by observing from label to find one for their skin without knowing with intensive experience.

Therefore, the following article will help you have more useful knowledge to choose a good Hydrating  Cream for the skin. Not only women with dry skin need Hydrating Face Cream; In fact, if you wish to have perfect skin & maintain the youth for your skin, you need to use a Moisturizer/ Hydrating Cream despite of any kinds of skin you own: normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin or combination skin. In this post, We also suggest for the best Hydrating Face Cream for each types of skin. Is that okay?

How to choose a Moisturizer/ Hydrating Cream for Face with each skin type?

1/Normal skin

For nornal skin, there’s a  good balance between oil and water for your skin. This is the skin types that everyone dreams of. If you own this skin type, your skin is usually smooth, pores on skin surface are almost imperceptible, skin color is uniform, rosy and less sensitive to the outside environment.

It can be said that this is a “flawless” skin so it’s easy to take care this type of skin. Because of this, most moisturizers for the skin labeled “for normal skin” are the perfect choice for you. The way to choose moisturizer or hydrating cream for this should be liquid form. With liquid,  they will provide adequate moisture without feeling greasy and sticky. However, there’re different other types of Hydrating Face Cream that deserved to use

Suggest products for normal skin

Collagen Face Moisturizer by L’Oreal Paris


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Absolutely, L’Oreal Paris is a reliable brand with reputation all over the world. This cream with capacity of  intense hydration , helping to remove wrinkles, protecting your skin from the appearance of lines… You can use this cream for day or night, the advice for you is take priority for using at night to get the maximum of benefits from the cream. It’s suitable for all kinds of skin, and help to protect your skin from aging. You can feel positive signals after using it to see your younger-looking skin.

Korean Skin Care Snail Repair Cream 

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The fact that, korean women always own a beautiful & smooth skin! What’s that? They must have secret. For so many years, cosmetic industry has bloomed in Korea. And korean women have chance to use the best product for their skin care. SeoulCeuticals is the combination of special ingredients with Snail Mucin. It’s a perfect ingredient for moisturizing your skin from inside. Other ingredients are from shea butter , organic aloe, jajoba oil, vitamin E. If your skin is normal skin then this product is a good choice for you!

2/Oily skin

Oily skin is kind of skin with oily tissue. The most recognizable feature of this type of skin is that it is prone to oily skin all over the face, special attention should be paid to the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin area).

In addition, the skin also has large pores and acne. So moisturizers for the skin need to be concurrently functioning with oil. The key words to look for when using this cream are: oil free, non-comedogenic (does not clog pores) and lightweight formula (light and thin grip).

Reviews Corner for suitable products

L’Oreal Paris Skincare Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care Oil

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It’s an easy way to take care your skin daily. It’s a perfect liquid like water, the simple thing you need to do is pour in on hand then apply on the face. It’s quickly absorbing & leave your skin with hydrated feeling. Why’s this L’Oreal Paris liquid useful? It’s been extracted from Aloe Vera containing with 75 nutritional elements. It’s perfect to use for oily skin with absorbing quickly and hydrates your skin in a secret way.

Tea Tree Oil Face Cream – For Oily, Acne Prone Skin Care Natural 

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It’s a perfect product for oily skin. Let’s talk about its ingredients with natural resources: Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil, St Johns Wort & Pomegranate Seed Oil. Tea Tree Oil Face Cream helps to remove blackheads, cystic acne & prevent them to appear again in your face. You will enjoy your skin with smoother & clearer feeling. It’s been considered as a friendly product with non-toxic, no hormone disruptors. It’s really effective for your skin!

3/Dry skin

Dry skin usually has quite small pores, less pimples and inflammation but sometimes acne or blackheads still appear. In addition, the skin is always dry, slightly rough, even with small scales and flaking when the weather is dry.

Those who own this skin need to improve the condition as soon as possible, because prolonged dry skin condition can form wrinkles and aging skin more quickly. For those with dry skin, choose a suitable moisturizer with specific ingredients. These creams have a thicker texture that helps lock moisture better and make skin smoother.

Product suggestions for dry skin

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Water Face Gel Moisturizer for Dry Skin

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With the best ingredients of hyaluronic acid; this moisturizer can help to boost your skin in professional way. It’s really perfect  to hydrate dry skin. The formula with features of oil-free, dye-free is the best criteria to choose a good hydrating face cream; and now you really find in this product. The label is good with good box, you can easily read the information on the box. You can feel some changes for your skin with this blue box and feel its intense moisturizing power.

Reviews for buying product

Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Night Cream, Moisturizing Night Lotion

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It’s a  perfect choice for nourish your skin & for hydration. With natural ingredients, extract from cymbopogon schoenanthus, equisetum hiemale &  hamamelis virginiana leaf  to give a wonderful night cream. You can use this cream with function of anti-aging, removing wrinkles, fine lines… With ultra-hydrating ablility, your skin now has been nourished with instantly fresh. The skin surface is soft with natural beauty after few weeks of using. It’s good for all types of skin, especially for dry skin.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream | 19 Ounce | Daily Face and Body Moisturizer for Dry Skin

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The reason why this is the most sought after product in the market simply because it keeps your skin hydrated for almost 24 hours. This contains ceramides that assists the skin in retaining sufficient moisture. Made with natural ingredients this is just right for sensitive skin. The lotion does not leave the skin oily and greasy, it helps in hydrating the skin and repairing it from within.
The formulation consists of hyaluronic acid that increases the moisture level of the skin and keeps it soft and supple. The body lotion does have any harsh chemical or a strong aroma and it is perfectly safe to use on a daily basis. This is ideal for people with normal and extremely dry skin.

Lexli Night Moisturizer For Face | Thick, Luxurious Night Facial Moisturizer Cream For Dry, Sensitive Skin

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The fact this cream is perfect for all types of skin, but we still suggest for your dry skin  & sensitive skin. The main ingredients from the cream is organic formula & the power of  aloe vera for hydrating purpose. The benefit of the Lexli is that imediately to make your skin with comfortable feeling. The other side function is to prevent from water loss of your face skin. Your skin would be smoother after few weeks of using. Let’s use it at night!

NEW 2020 Retinol Moisturizer Cream for Face and Eye Area

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What can you see with innovation from this new product? Yes, the box seems to be newer, with the function focusing on hydrating, anti-wrinkle, make the skin firm.  It’s a safe product, clients would see lo fillers, dyes or parabens in this product. The scream has been welcome for all women in the world, and in USA.  The natural ingredients inside the cream would nourish your skin & bring the youth on your face; make it tobe moisturized and hydrated.

4/Sensitive skin

This skin can be considered to be particularly “hard to take care”. The skin is quite thin and easily irritated so taking care of things is extremely difficult. For these skin types, you should choose a brand with hypoallengenic formula. Make sure the products you use do not contain parabens.

Also,Just look for moisturizer that are gentle on skin and have natural extracts.

Reviews Corner for suitable product

Radha Beauty Retinol Moisturizer Miracle Cream for Face

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It’s a great product for sensitive skin. You will see the miracle happening when using this cream. There’re secret mixture with different ingredients: organic aloe vera, green tea, jojoba oil, shea butter as well as Vitamin E. This moisturizer would help to remove wrinkles, treats hyperpigmentation, bring back your skin with real beauty. The power of anti-aging in cream helps to prevent the aging progress on your skin, make it firm & elastic. The substance in the scream also remove dark spot, make the pores smaller, and perform with long-lasting hydration.

Organic Facial Moisturizer Ultra Hydrating With Hyaluronic Acid

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THENA is a friendly option for hydrating face skin. The product has made from 100% natural formula so it’s suitable & safe to all types of skin. If your skin is sensitive skin, and you want to use moisturizer then this product is a good one to use. The product with ingredients of restorative camellia oil, rosehip seed & amaranth oil help to protect your skin from aging, remove wrinkles, remove fine lines and leave your skin with perfect surface. The product made in USA and it’s suitable more your skin!


5/Combination Skin

Combination skin is a combination skin of two or more different skin types. Typically, combination skin often has dry and oily areas. Normal skin care products are difficult to exert a thorough effect in the long run. In the winter, combination skin needs a lot more moisture, while in the hot season the skin needs to be moderately moisturized to avoid greasy stickyness.

Review products for combination skin

BeeFriendly Face and Eye Cream All Natural USDA Certified Organic Moisturizer

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BeeFriendly’s still the favorite Moisturizer for women. This product has been used for face, eye skin and neck. Clients would decrease the risk of cosmetic allergy when using this product. It’s suitbable for combination skin. BeeFriendly is so efficient in removing wrinkle, dark spot, fine lines thanks to its organic ingredients Virgin Olive Oil, Royal Jelly, Vitamin E, Propolis… It’s a good products to take care your skin in professional style!

Retinol Moisturizer Anti Aging Cream for Face and Eye Area

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It’s a product with natural & organic ingredients & it’s suitable for all kind of skin. Collagen inside the cream helps to remove Fine Lines, Wrinkles on your face skin, hydrating the skin & nourish it in professional way. We’re sure you would satisfy with perfect detail ingredients inside the product with 2.5% active Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Green Tea, Organic Jojoba Oil, Vitamin B5 and Shea Butter. With this product, you now don’t worry any problems with the aging of your skin. Let’s order it to enjoy the benefits!

Up to now, we hope you can find the best cream for your daily beauty care

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