Best places for Mountain Biking in the US

Isula Vatel
By Isula Vatel
Created on Dec 22, 2023

Does wanderlust steal your sleep when you get stuck with your daily routine? Do you love biking and want to go to a travel while devouring a good portion of adventure? Then you should pack your bag, ready your bike and head over for a mountain biking extravaganza.

Mountain biking involves riding tough sporty bicycles over a rough irregular surface for many days. To do that you need to be at the top of your physical game. The United State of America offers some best places to do the mountain biking in the world and we have made a list to give you the best trails of the US just for you. Ok, before exploring those best places, let’s see what type of moutain bikes you need to buy to have a good & successful Journey;  15 + Best Mountain Bikes to buy to select the best mountain bikes with reviews & guide to choose a suitable one.

1. Tsali Trails, Bryson City, North Carolina


If you are a beginner level mountain biker, the Tsali trails are just the one for you. There are many trails placed between the three cities, Ashville, Brevard and Bryson City in North Carolina where the Smokies National Park lies. The Tsali recreational area of the national park has four distinct trails. The total distance you have to cover is nearly 42 miles. Among the four distinct trails the 8.7 miles, long Mouse Breach is the most technical one which loose rocks, logs and many step ups to deal with. The Thompson loop of the trail runs along with the shoreline of the lake.

2. Antz Basin, Stanley, Idaho


A trip to the Antz basin will never disappoint you. The backcountry single track is located north to the Sun Valley sandwiched between the ranges of While Cloud Mountains. The single track will lead you to the Castle Peak before taking you among the meadows and the creeks filled with flowers. The 22.6 miles long tire-width track has a rocky surface, steeps and loose saddle drops which cut through the wide basin. This area is in the remote backcountry, so the biking is not extremely difficult but it is not extremely easy either

3. Thunder Mountain, Panguitch, Utah


It’s a high altitude steep which starts as 8300 feet and then it gets down to nearly 2000 feet; the whole tract lies outside the Bryce Canyon. The distance of the track is a little more than 7 miles and the bike trek is not too difficult as the downward and sloppy trail will make you glide through a red Martian scenery. You can make this trek a longer one (16 miles) by taking the Thunder Mountain trail in which you have to go to nearly 10 miles along with the Highway 12 and then you have to climb five miles of dirt in a single way.

4. East Burke, Vermont

biking East Burke, Vermont.jpg

This is not only the best mountain biking destination in New England but also it is one of the premium biking destinations in the whole country. The ‘Bike’ has already regarded it as the best biking destination in the country. The Burke Mountain has a single track that starts from the Darling Hill ridge and runs through the Burke Mountain all the way to the Passumpsic River. The track from Sky dive to Swan dive has hardwood glades and some mossy forest.

5. Durango, Colorado


Durango is located in the southeast of Colorado, bordered by vast desert and huge mountain. The best thing about Durango is that it has a near perfect climate so that the mountain biking season covers most of a single year. There are many trails and everyone has an easy access to the downtown. Many elite cyclists started from these trails. You can choose any trails like the rock free Meadow loop or the adventurous downward trail called Haflin Creek Shuttle run or the 26 miles long Durango Mountain resort which is of backcountry descent, the trails of Durango will never going to disappoint your expectation.

6. Harrisonburg, Virginia


The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia has a small village named Harrisonburg which works as a bike room for the people who wants to bike here as the locals maintain the trails and provide the bikers with much-needed bike maintenance. The area has many trails and every level of bikers’ right from the beginner to the pro can choose a trail of their level. There are around 500 miles of trails around the George Washington National Forest. A beginner can start their journey from the Hillandale Park and can rise their way to the intermediate and advances level trails eventually.

7. Mt. Elwell, Graeagle, California

Mt. Elwell, Graeagle, California.jpg

Mt. Elwell is the country’s best kept secret mountain biking destination. The nearby Downieville is the country’s best-kept secret. The bike trail offers a real mountain riding to access the 7818 feet peak and from there a 3000 ft plummet on XC style single track. It starts out rough and then offers a smooth, faster and downward track. Some trails will actually take you to the peak of Mt. Elwell but the road can be really tough for you as you have to literally push and heft your bike

8. The Whole Enchilada, Moab, Idaho


This is the finest mountain bike ride of the world. There are four crossing Moab trails namely the Hazzard Country, Kokopelli Trail, Burro Pass and Porcupine. You have to start your journey from the alpine forest trails of La Sal Mountains at over 11500 ft to down below on the red rock cliffs of the Colorado River at only 3000 ft. you have to pass through the evergreen forest, the Warner Lake to the slop over the muddy way with many gaps and loose rocks. The whole road is almost downhill and full of loose rocks so you definitely need to focus and need to brush up your biking skills


Isula Vatel

Isula Vatel

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