Mina's Reviews for VinFast’s VF WILD Electric Truck Tour at Canadian Canadian AutoShow

Linda Mabrey
By Linda Mabrey
Created on Feb 20, 2024

Mina Kordi is CREATIVE DIRECTOR at Minaazmedia.com. She’s young & talent with unique ideas for marking any brands & products.  And this time, she has shared the time for VF Wild.

A completely new concept model was introduced by VinFast at the world's leading technology exhibition taking place at Canadian Canadian AutoShow 2024.

VF Wild is positioned by the company in the mid-size pickup segment, with an overall length of 5,324 mm and a width of 1,997 mm. The exterior design blends curves and curves. The highlight of the front of the car is VinFast's bird-wing lights. The hood is stroked relatively flat towards the back. The two sides of the car have embossed lines. Black wheel arches extend outward.

VinFast’s VF WILD Electric Truck Tour at Canadian Canadian AutoShow / 2024 EV Lineup Overview!

This concept design is the result of cooperation between VinFast and GoMotiv Design Company (Australia), after more than 8,000 hours of research and development, with the participation of many leading designers. "VF Wild's design is inspired by the image of a superhero's cloak blowing in the wind, engineers have created a special 'Power of Flow' design language specifically for this electric pickup model. ", the company representative said.

The interior has many high-end details, brown leather upholstery, and gray accents. Inside, the car has two large central screens, a small display screen behind the steering wheel, and a rearview mirror that uses a camera to display images through the screen. The electric pickup model has a panoramic sunroof.

At the rear, the cargo box can be flexibly expanded, through the automatic folding feature of the windshield and rear seats, helping to increase the length of the storage compartment from 1,524 to 2,438 mm. This is also the longest size among car models in the same segment, helping users have spacious space to carry things, rest or entertain in the car, maximizing convenience.

Linda Mabrey

Linda Mabrey

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