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Alice Gilbert
By Alice Gilbert
Created on Jan 21, 2024

Many Outdoor & adventure Travellers consider Mountain bikes as the best adventure vehicle for so many reasons. These bikes allow you to escape the roar of traffic, escape the confines of pavement, and avoid the noise of modern society.

You must ride mountain bike for exploring some adventurous & exploring tours. This guide will give you some essential information about mountain bikes. Let's wait, we also have article about fat tyre bikes for riding on snow in winter, grass. And this article only reveal about mountain bikes with multiple styles & colors.

What type of mountain bike should you purchase?

There are many bikes and all are made to perform a specific task with perfection. Here is a quick run through of mountain bikes:

  • Trail bike: This one is the most famous bike type as it can be pretty used for adventure tours. These bikes have many relaxed angles for giving better confidence while descending and also the kit which is made for dealing with more punishment. It features wider handlebars and shorter stems for enhancing control at speed, whereas its tiers will possess more advancing track.
  • Cross Country (XC) bike:These bikes are able to cover ground fast, be it’s on a big day out in the mountains or just in a race. These bikes possibly use steeper head angles blended with narrower bars and a longer stem for fast reacting managing and for placing the rider into an efficient pedaling position.
  • Downhill bike:As the name implies, this type of bike can go down technical and steep tracks very fast. These have nearly 200mm of travel at every end, sometimes utilizing coil bounced suspension which is optimized for complete support and traction, instead of pedaling capacity.
  • Enduro bike:Enduro bikes are made for performing amazingly well down difficult and steep trails but are still very efficient and light for pedaling back to the top. These bikes are called ‘all mountain bikes’ because they are perfect for riding in technical and mountainous terrain.

1) Mongoose Grafton Adult Mountain Bike

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The most impressive about this bike is the combination of color to make it be strong bike. You can see its strength from the color. The tyres have been designed to have smooth interaction with road surface. You can feel the sound from rubber from the tyre when you ride it in silent street. The seat can adjustable, and help you to have comfortable feeling when sit on it. However we should recommend you to add a soft saddle layer on it for long journey. 21-Speed Drivetrain allow you to change the speed in different terrains while excellent & durable Aluminum frame, with perfect disc brake and gear system would be the best choice for you.

2) GRAVITY FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike 

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This is the feature for a Mountain Bike with firm design. The tyres have been designed to adjust in any road, and make this bike stronger. A aluminum frame would make the bike lightweight & easy to move in long journey. It has been said this bike is perfect for intermediate riders. Disc Brakes Front and Rear to make it safe when you downhill or in mountainous terrain. Adjustable Suspension helps you absorb shock in rough terrain. In addition, it sometimes helps you make jumps over holes while still feeling smooth. This bike's been shipped to you, it will require additional basic & easy assembly. So please rest assured to order this product today. The design is suitable for local trails or around town. 

3) ROYCE UNION Mountain Bike 

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Excellent design & Lightweight Aluminum would be impressive criteria to choose this bike. Disc Brake would flavor you with safety movement in any type of road. Other thing we see from this bike is Aluminum Rims Wheels; wow you can move smoothly from this good material. Besides, the bike has been equipped with 21 speeds with smooth trigger shifting. This bike is suitable for all terrains, but in my personal opinion it would be really suitable for Trailing bike or Crossing Country. The 24-inch wheel allows the bike to roll at a faster pedaling speed, thereby helping the vehicle speed to be stable & easy to adjust speed as well as increase the ability to maintain balance.

4) Schwinn Traxion Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

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While riding off-road, you must embrace the variety. The Schwinn Traxion is made for attacking both ups and downs which are discovered on the newer bike specific trails of these days. Playful and unique this bike is designed for being more than the average hardtail. Pedaling is made easier while riding this bike. Let’s have a discussion on its features:

  • Disk brakes: This mountain bike features Tektro Hydraulic Disk Brakes from which you will get the optimal stopping power, no matter how the weather condition is.
  • Frame: Get the advanced trail geometry from its lightweight Aluminum frame.
  • Aggressive trail geometry: Designed with 24 speed Shimano EZ Fire trigger and made with aggressive trail geometry for winning the big bumps, this bike is able to handle anything which is thrown your way by the trail.

5) Diamondback Bicycles Octane Youth Wheel Mountain Bike

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Many cheap mountain bikes unveil the compromises of keeping the prices down – the elements are a hodgepodge of quality, sacrificing somewhere always. Diamondback Bicycles Octane impressively comes with good price for any users. This budget-friendly mountain bike features an upgraded 6-speed rear cassette and drops a slight weight. Its brakes are simply a proven mechanical set from Linear pull brakes.

Let’s have a discussion on its features:

  • Shimano 3×8 drivetrain allows reliable, quick gear changes.
  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes enable responsive, strong braking, even in the messiest conditions.
  • SR Suntour Suspension Fork offers extra comfort and control to smooth out the trail and improves handling.
  • Handmade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy hardtail frame with butted tubing and custom formed adds durability and strength.
  • This bike takes very less time for assembling and is prepared for riding following a few simple steps only.

6) Gravity FSX 2.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike Shimano Acera Suntour

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The Gravity FSX 2.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike 2017 edition comes with a full suspension which is strong, a durable and strong advanced aluminum framed, 24-speed shifters, and fast release wheels which are easy for using. This bike’s design is on-point and sleek. This bike is meant for turning heads, from the way the suspension is set up to the sleek design of the chain and the seat’s setback. This mountain bike delivers high-performance at a budget-friendly way.

Let’s have a discussion on its features:

  • Tektro Novela Disc Brakes: The Tektro Novela Disc Brakes provide strong braking. They feature automatic adjusting, lightweight, and a 160mm rotor.
  • Shimano Acera Front and Rear Derailleur and Shimano EF51 24-Speed Shifter: These shifter and derailleurs are lightweight, high-quality, and controlled shifts which enable acceleration, movement under heavy loads and throughout the rough terrains easily.
  • Gravity FSX 2.0 Frame: This advanced aluminum frame offers durability and strength on rough, long rides.

7) SAVADECK Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

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Considering geometry, strength, affordability, and reliability, SAVADECK Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike is an ideal one having the full package of necessitous features and components. It amazingly meets the requirements of a passionate mountaineer who wants to encounter a joyful ride on his secured desired bike. Additionally, you can assemble this bike with high-quality materials which are available in the market. And this bike’s maintenance is quite easier in comparison with others.

Let’s have a discussion on its features:

  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Frame: This excellent frame makes the bike strong and lightweight. The prime benefit of purchasing this mountain bike is its great durability.
  • MT200 Dual Disc Brake: The dual disc brakes allow the rider more stable braking in every condition. It’s quite less expensive for replacing a worn rotor than a complete wheel. It’s simply the best for wet or steep terrain and does not need finger strain much.

8) Mongoose Flatrock Youth/Adult Hardtail Mountain Bike

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If you want to enjoy the feeling of adventure and happiness by cycling, then you must purchase Mongoose Mountain Bike. This bike is made with lightweight 6061 aluminum frame which increases the rigidity and strength and keeps the bike riding completely safe as well.  suspension fork improves performance and control with riding.

Let us have a discussion on its features:

  • Frame material: The frame material of this mountain bike is aluminum alloy
  • Bicycle tires with anti-slip ability on all terrains and in all weather conditions
  • Performance: If you are looking for a high-performing bike, then this one goes perfectly with your choice. This is purely designed for professional athletes and cycling enthusiasts.
  • Brake type and Braking system: This bike features v-brakes deliver reliable stopping power.

9) Outroad 26 Inch Mountain Bike

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The Outroad brand is well known for the high-quality products and low price tags. And the Diamondback mountain bicycle is a great example of this. This bike comes featured with 26 inches wheels, an aluminum alloy hardtail frame. With the roller chain guide in place of a slack geometry and a rear derailleur, this Hook bicycle leans towards the category of the trail/AM. With all premium features, this bike promises to serve with an easy and pure mountain riding experience.

Let’s have a discussion on its features:

  • Light, responsive, and fun to ride
  • 6061 aluminum alloy hardtail framed
  • Maintains an effective power transfer
  • Hassle-free bike for the beginners
  • It’s limited lifetime warranty on the frame
  • Equipped with Dual disc brakes & anti-slit tires
  • Simple and smooth riding with SRAM single ring 1×8 drivetrain

 10) MarKnig Hardtail Mountian Bikes

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MarKnig Hardtail 26 inches Men’s Mountain Bike is always up to the task if it’s on the trail of riding on the bicycle path. With its all-steel frame, this bicycle is extremely durable and strong enough for trail riding as well as its very lightweight to use on a daily basis. You can fast switch through the 18 equipment of the twist shifters on this 26-inches mountain bike, specially designed for men. Its multi-speed index torque drive helps keep equipment shifting smoother no matter the mountain terrains.

Let us have a discussion on its features:

  • Extreme control is offered by its linear pull brakes.
  • anti-slip tires
  • Its suspension fork makes sure to provide you a comfortable, smooth riding.
  • You need to assemble the parts of this bicycle.
  • It features 26 inches wheels for better ground clearance
  • It’s lightweight and durable enough to be used on a regular basis.

11) Toolmoo Mountain Bike

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The aluminum frame of the bike always creates stability and helps the bike be lighter when moving on mountainous terrain. The compact saddle design helps the car add a compact design. What is most impressive is that the car is equipped with disc brakes both front and rear for more precise and controlled braking.

With this bike, you can satisfy your passion for riding in mountainous terrain as well as in the city. Start your passion for the sport of cycling, where passion will guide you to conquer the roads.

How much do you need to spend?

For many people, particularly while starting out, the budget is an important factor while searching for a new bike. How much you want to spend basically affects what is on offer and it’s quite east for looking at the mountain bikes online or in a store and be just put off by the huge price tags attached to most of them. Simply because you can spend a lot of money does not mean that you should do. You should consider the features you want in your bike so that you can look at the perfect bike for riding on mountains.

How to choose a Perfect mountain bike?

It’s quite complicated to choose the perfect mountain bike as there are so many options to choose from. In order to make things easier, we have merged all the important buying factors here so that you can make the perfect buying decision. Hope you can find good one!

  • Types of mountain bikes:

Unlike road bikes, the mountain bikes are custom-made for particular riding styles and terrain. There are many types of mountain bikes including Dual-suspension or full-suspension bikes, hardtail, and rigid.

  • Types of riding:

In order to know what type of bike you are seeking and its features, here is a brief of the basic types of mountain bike riding: Cross-country, Trail, All-mountain/Enduro, and Downhill/Gravity.

  • Wheels:

There are 3 primary kinds of mountain bike wheels which you will find: 26-inches, 27.5-inches, and 29-inches. All these wheel options come in plus (+) sized wheels as well.

  • Budget:

If you have chosen the type of bike, riding and wheel option, then it’s time to choose the price range you are seeking for getting the right mountain bike for you.

  • Frame material:

It’s worth noting that your chosen material is important for selecting the perfect bike. Some durable materials which are used in bikes are aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, and titanium.

What's size of bike that suit you?

Maybe now you have some thoughts regarding how much you want to spend and what type of bike you require. Ensure to search our reviews for seeing the highest scoring mountain bikes in a specific category and once you can shortlist them, you can ensure to get the right size of bike. This is important to make a big difference to how much you will enjoy the new mountain bike.

Note that each bike size differs by brands. If possible, arrange a test ride in order to see how the bike is feeling on the trail. Some brands arrange demonstration so that they can bring their whole range along for promising clients to try. Generally, if you want to buy a high-end bike, then you can browse online stores where there are a lot of options to choose from. And you will definitely get the best deal as per your choice.

Bikes are preferred vehicles due to their eco-friendliness. They are low-maintenance, affordable, and suit the requirements of the users. For instance, if you are looking for the best mountain bike for adventure tours according to your budget, then our 8 picks work the best. They are comfortable, high-powered, reliable, and smooth to ride on mountain terrains

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