Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce help Area and Louis Vuitton achieve high shopping turnover

Isula Vatel
By Isula Vatel
Created on Feb 18, 2024

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Known as a singer with great influence in America, each of her fashion styles is eagerly followed by the audience. On stage, Taylor Swift is always evaluated by paparazzi and fashionistas for the outfits she wears. From there, fashion trends follow each stage

Super Bowl is the keyword that has dominated social networks for the past three days, after the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, USA. Previously, the Super Bowl was a playground for beer and technology brands. But this time, thanks to Taylor Swift wearing designer clothes, the event became a fertile ground to help fashion and beauty brands earn huge revenue.

Source Vimeo: Taylor Swift wore Dion Lee's corset 
and Area jeans to watch Super Bowl 2024

There are many fashion brands that, thanks to Taylor Swift's influence, have become famous and are ordered by many fashionistas. According to shopping experts, the influence of celebrities always brings a unique appeal that is difficult to describe.

That's why just appearing on the Super Bowl for less than a minute, Taylor created $180 million in media value (MIV). On the bench, she wore Dion Lee's corset and Area brand jeans costing 695 USD.

According to Lyst, this moment helped searches for Taylor's cut-out pants increase by 311%, making the blue and black version of this design "sold out". In addition, searches for Area fashion house increased by 210% in the 48 hours after the program.

Dion Lee also took advantage of this opportunity to share pictures of Taylor Swift's black corset model and received a large number of orders. Often, shoppers simply live by their emotions, and from there they also fall in love with the fashion brands that celebrities have worn.

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Area is known as a relatively young fashion brand, but Area has gradually asserted its own mark and become the "darling" of international stars. AREA is headquartered in New York. Although it was newly established in 2014, it has successfully conquered the hearts of many stars. Most of them are famous female artists with different personalities and colors in the entertainment industry such as Rihanna, Dua Lipa, Kendall Jenner, Katy Perry, Lisa and Jennie of the group BLACKPINK. The Area jeans that Taylor wears help create youthful, dynamic and cool inspiration.

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A diverse fashion style will help women become more attractive, showing that they are sophisticated in choosing outfits for different occasions. Furthermore, the impression left is that you will look very good in a certain outfit that you have worn. Getting ideas or fashion inspiration from the stars you admire is also an interesting way to create your own fashion style.

In fact, the fashion brands your stars wear are often very expensive. And to get inspired by that fashion style, you don't need to dress 100% the same. 

Since fashion styles change daily or weekly, our advice is to look for similar fashions. These products will maximize your budget while still inspiring fans for your idols

How's about Travis Kelce - the boyfriend of Taylor? what did he do to make influences to Amiri?

Taylor's boyfriend also created a fashion fever during the season when wearing outfits by Kidsuper and Collina Strada. Backstage, Travis Kelce impressed even in Amiri's sequin denim. The moment caused searches for the fashion house to increase by 317%, bringing in 312,000 USD MIV for the brand.

Travis Kelce wears sequin denim by Mike Amiri at the 2024 Super Bowl.jpg

Travis Kelce wears sequin denim by Mike Amiri at the 2024 Super Bowl

Brand founder - Mike Amiri - said Travis contacted the brand a month ago to prepare costumes for the match. "It's a testament to Travis' reputation and the importance of athletes in today's fashion landscape," said Mike Amiri.

In addition to Amiri's outfit, Travis Kelce also carried a Louis Vuitton bag. The French fashion house also designed personal clothes for singer Ariana Grande and actress Cynthia Erivo when they came to watch the match. All have helped the brand increase sales. One week before the Super Bowl, the number of new products appearing on the Louis Vuitton website increased by 258%. Besides the above stars, singer Usher - the main performer at this year's event - helped Off-White searches increase by 13% when he wore a blue cross outfit embellished with 394,000 crystals.

After the Super Bowl, Travis Kelce will participate in the Eras Tour with his girlfriend. On February 16, Taylor will perform the first of seven dates in Australia, then head to Singapore in early March. In May, the singer sings in Europe, performing more than 40 shows until August.

Taylor Swift, 35 years old, is known as the "country music princess" of the American music industry. She debuted in 2006 and soon reaped many achievements, receiving 12 Grammy awards, 29 Billboard awards and success with many international tours. After the 2024 Grammy, she became the first person to win four Album of the Year awards. In December 2023, Guinness recognized the Eras Tour as the highest-grossing tour of all time, reaching more than one billion USD.


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