Top Best Executive Leather Chairs for Office & Home

Isula Vatel
By Isula Vatel
Created on Feb 01, 2024

When we mention to office furniture, executive leather chair is one of the important items that you may need for your working corner.  Now, the leather chairs may suit even your home for relaxing, computer desk or working corner.

 The executive leather chair is not simply a workplace for employees and directors, but also a place to rest and relax after stressful working hours. A beautiful office chair not only creates a feeling of comfort for the user but also contributes to building a professional image and an aesthetic working environment. Choosing a suitable chair can increase work efficiency and is good for your health.

1) Guessky Executive Office Chair

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If you are looking for a leather chair for the office or home, the Guessky Executive Office Chair is a reasonable choice. This product comes in 4 colors to help you choose easily. The design of the leather chair is modern, the chair's tilt can be adjusted from 90° to 135°. The outstanding feature of this leather chair is that you can relax your feet with the built-in footstool.

In addition, you can adjust the height of the chair according to your needs. For people of different heights, it will be necessary to adjust the height of the chair to achieve the appropriate height for work & entertainment. This leather chair is also equipped with 5 small wheels to help you move the chair around room spaces.

2) OFIKA Home Office Chair

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Belonging to a high-end product line, this chair always brings comfort and luxury to you. With 4 available colors suitable for each age type. Please choose the color you like. In terms of design, OFIKA leather chairs bring modernity with optimal seating for the buttocks and back, helping users feel comfortable in every position.

The height adjustment system below the chair helps you adjust easily. Ergonomic High Back Cushion helps you feel comfortable when sitting, suitable for seasons of the year, suitable for air-conditioned rooms.

3) NEO CHAIR Office Chair

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What stands out in the design of NEO CHAIR is that it is equipped with Diamond-Stitched PU Leather, which is very luxurious and unique. Chair with bright steel & stainless steel swivel post brings elegance. The cushion design helps people sit comfortably, reducing fatigue on the thighs.
In addition, high elasticity will help the chair feel more comfortable when sitting, creating durability during use. Versatile Flip-Up Armrests help maximize desk space. The product is suitable for all offices, work and entertainment corners at home.

4) NEO CHAIR Office Chair Computer Desk Chair Gaming 

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Paying attention to aesthetic factors, the NEO chair is arranged with many beautiful lines to help the product have a more elegant and luxurious design. This leather executive chair is a high-end executive chair that uses leather material in the back and seat cushions. High back design, with soft leather-covered seat cushions to help prevent your back from getting tired, allowing you to work comfortably in any suitable position for many hours. In addition, the chair arms are made of PA plastic and covered with soft Faux leather, and the backrest can be adjusted to synchronize with the back of the chair.

Flexible multi-functional design, the chair has a height adjustment function depending on the sitting body shape. The highlight of the chair is the flexible foot support design, which can quickly turn the chair into a bed for resting in the middle of the day.  NEO CHAIR Office Chair  is loved by most people because of its intelligence, convenience, and quality. Plus, the swivel base has wheels that can be moved, creating certain convenience for users.

Luxurious design, back padded with high-density shaped foam covered with high-quality PU leather with good elasticity brings the most comfort to the user. The chair can recline 90-180 degrees, lock in place in many convenient positions when working, for resting, relaxing, and napping. Shiny chrome-plated chair legs designed with wheels made of durable, flexible, shock-proof PU plastic.

5) Realspace® Fennington Bonded Leather High-Back Chair

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Realspace® Fennington leather executive chair is a genuine imported high-quality leather chair model. Trendy design, high-quality leather material and sturdy chair frame create a sophisticated and trendy product, this will be a great choice for director and leader chairs of every office.

This leather executive chair is a high-end executive chair that uses leather material in the back and seat cushions. With a high back design, there is a soft leather seat cushion to help prevent your back from getting tired. From there, you can work comfortably in any position for many hours. The arm frame is made of polished aluminum alloy, creating a highlight for the whole chair. The seat tray has a 90-135 degree reclining mechanism and a 4-position fixed lock.

6) Serta Fairbanks Big and Tall High Back Executive Office Chair

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Serta leather executive chair has a modern, sophisticated and unique design, making a new mark in world-class offices. Airy Faux leather seats bring a comfortable feeling to the sitter. Each detailed line and highlight is exquisitely crafted to create perfect beauty with intense appeal.

The chair has a modern, strong design suitable for the working space of directors and company leaders. The wide backrest structure and multi-angle recline lock help users have a comfortable sitting position for relaxing entertainment.

7) OLIXIS Home Office Chair

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 OLIXIS leather chair belongs to the leadership chair line with leather material - one of the most popular chair lines today, with a light weight design that is easy to move and a standard size suitable for any body shapes, even sitting for a long time without feeling tired or numb. Middle backrest with a spacious cross-section, combined with a curved design to form a curve that fits the back tightly for correct sitting posture and helps support the shoulder blades and spine in the safest way.
 The seat cushion is designed to fit the pelvis and the cushion surface is deeply concave in the middle to prevent the buttocks from sliding forward, reducing pressure on the thighs when sitting and working for long periods of time. PU Leather Flip-Up armrest is luxuriously colored Simili cover and is designed to be balanced to fit the standard desk surface, creating a quite sturdy fulcrum for the elbow.

How to choose an office home executive chair?

Choosing a director's chair is not the same as choosing a chair for employees or an office chair, but it must exude power, majesty, and affirm the true position of the leader. When choosing a chair, directors need to pay attention to a number of criteria such as:

About material

For important positions such as directors, you should choose chairs made from leather. Usually director chairs change according to color style but in size there is usually little variation. In any company, the director's chair is the largest chair. However, when choosing a chair, you should also pay attention to the leader's physique and make appropriate changes in size. You should not choose a chair that is too big or too small to match the position or person.

About the color of office chairs

You should choose the 3 most popular colors: black, coffee brown or dark blue. Avoid colors that are too bright such as: bright red, blue, white... Top youthful, dynamic tones will be more suitable for the position of employee or department head instead of being the color for a big boss. .

The material of the chair is also quite important: You should choose high-quality chair material such as leather chairs covered with foam to create softness or high-quality mesh chairs in the summer to reduce heat accumulation and create a cool feeling.

Choose executive leather chairs according to material

Material is the first thing worth paying attention to when choosing a working chair for a leader. Typically, executive chairs are swivel chairs with high-quality materials such as genuine leather, high-quality artificial leather or mesh with a modern style, combined with natural wooden armrests and legs. Leather material brings a soft, smooth, luxurious and classy feeling.

Choose by preference and style

Leaders can be young or middle-aged, each person has different interests and working styles. So before buying office chairs for them, you should consult first. There are people who like the traditional, mature look, but there are also bosses who pursue a modern, youthful, rustic, simple but still classy style. Depending on each person, there will be separate designs.

In addition to choosing an office chair based on the material and preferences of the boss, choosing chairs for leadership positions also needs to follow popular trends. The director's chair should be in accordance with feng shui to bring good luck and fortune.

Executive leather chairs are so popular furniture for us in today. They have become an indispensable piece of furniture in the office or home space. But not everyone knows how to choose a suitable modern office chair and where to buy it for prestige. So please read this article immediately to be able to make the best choice.

Modern office chairs or ergonomic chairs play an extremely important role in work efficiency as well as the user's health and body. Most office workers have to sit continuously for 6-10 hours a day, so choosing the right office chair is very important.

Create a professional working space

Office furniture models, especially office chairs, will be a distinctive highlight for each business's workplace, expressing the aesthetics of the user. Office chairs that are both aesthetic and convenient will help make the working space more professional. From there, workers can increase creative inspiration and improve work performance.

Improve work efficiency

It would be great if your employees could work in a professional and modern environment, fully equipped with physical facilities. Especially good quality office chairs will help employees reduce stress and fatigue, thereby increasing work efficiency and developing the company in the best way.

Minimize the risk of wrist syndrome

Office workers must constantly use their wrists and arms when working with computers, mice and keyboards. That's why office workers are more at risk of wrist syndrome.

Not sitting in the correct working posture, office chairs that are too high or too low, and chair arms that are not at the right level are the main causes of wrist syndrome in office workers. Therefore, it is extremely important to use the correct office chair to help your arms have a comfortable working position.

Modern office chair with rotating function

This is a type of chair that many people rate positively for its flexibility, comfort, and ability to move around the office easily and gently without having to carry it. In addition, it also has many other advantages such as: The chair can rotate 360 degrees to help the sitter easily adjust the appropriate sitting position or conveniently turn to other positions when working. Has an ergonomic design such as a soft headrest that protects the neck, and a forward-curved backrest that helps protect the lumbar vertebrae. Can recline back and lock all reclining angles There is a piston to raise and lower the height to suit the user

Adjust sitting posture

When sitting at work for a long time, we often lose our original standard upright sitting posture, causing symptoms of headaches, shoulder and neck pain, neck pain, and lumbar vertebrae to often appear.

Office chairs are the optimal choice to help you adjust your sitting posture, helping to reduce muscle and joint pain when sitting for long periods of time.

Buy modern office chairs by style

Each customer has different preferences and needs, so currently on the market, modern office chairs have many different designs. But choosing a chair with a style that suits you is not easy.

You should choose a chair that fits your body shape for the most convenience when working. You should not choose a chair that is too high or too low for the user. You should choose a chair according to the user's style, for example, a leather office chair with a modern design helps the person sitting feel comfortable and smooth, reducing the feeling of fatigue during work.

Buy modern office chairs according to office furniture

To create a professional, modern working space that reflects your company's unique style, you should rely on uniform elements in the interior design and color of the entire space. Create harmony and match all interior products in the workspace.

A dynamic, professional working space with full amenities from good quality products will contribute to creating a comfortable spirit for employees, thereby improving productivity and work quality.

Buy leather office chairs based on your budget

Currently, modern leather chairs have many different designs, so the price also varies depending on the material, convenience and purpose of use of each chair.

For chairs with personal use, you can choose models with moderate and reasonable prices. The office of the director, deputy director or department head should choose high quality interior products with beautiful and luxurious designs.

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