Top extremely Romantic Cafes for Valentine's Day in Oakland

Linda Mabrey
By Linda Mabrey
Created on Feb 13, 2024

Valentine's day is a very special and meaningful holiday for couples. Cafes with romantic spaces are the right place for you on this special occasion. The following I will introduce to you extremely romantic cafes for Valentine's Day in Oakland.

1) Timeless Coffee


One of the cafes with space suitable for the appointment on February 14 that you should not miss is Timeless Coffee. When coming to the restaurant, customers will feel very relaxed with the open space mixed with many green trees and natural light. With a truly poetic space, Hoa Yen 1 restaurant will help you and your partner get memorable photos that you like. Oakland customers especially like to come to the shop in the morning to be able to make the best use of light to work virtually.

The drinks at Timeless Coffee are mainly body-purifying drinks, especially tea. Although there are not too many options, each type has an easy-to-drink, gentle flavor. In addition, this coffee shop also has a team of enthusiastic, responsible and super attentive staff to help customers have wonderful moments of relaxation and conversation.

Address: 4252 Piedmont Ave, Oakland, CA 94611

Phone: +1 510-985-1360


  • Monday 07:00–18:00
  • Tuesday 07:00–18:00
  • Wednesday 07:00–18:00
  • Thursday 07:00–18:00
  • Friday 07:00–18:00
  • Saturday 08:00–18:00
  • Sunday 08:00–18:00

2) OakCali Cafe

OakCali Cafe is a name known to many young people in Oakland. Since its launch, the restaurant has attracted the attention of many customers because of its extremely romantic and poetic vibe. The shop has two branches, both located at the coordinates of many beautiful cafes, so when coming here, the opportunity to get good photos is extremely large. The first impression of customers when coming to the restaurant is the gentle, quiet breath of wood and ornamental plants along with the warm, romantic yellow lights.

Whether you come to the shop in the morning or evening, you and your partner will have pleasant moments to talk. Besides, the shop also has a special staff that is popular with customers - extremely cute, approachable and friendly dogs and cats. The drinks at OakCali Cafe are meticulously prepared to suit the general taste of customers.


Address: 1601 2nd Ave, Oakland, CA 94606

Phone: +1 341-226-9124

3) Farley's East

One of the ideal places to chill over coffee with your lover on the upcoming Valentine's Day is Farley's East. This is a lovely cafe with a gentle style that just appeared in Can Tho not long ago but has already won the love of many customers. Dressed in the main white tone, combined with beige interior, this beautiful little cafe exudes the beauty of a small corner of the romantic Northern European style.

This poetic, gentle look is very suitable for your date with your partner. Coming here, you will be able to chat with your partner, enjoy artistically decorated drinks and save memorable photos together. The drink menu at Farley's East has many types that have been carefully researched to suit the different tastes of customers. The prices here are reasonable but in general quite suitable.


Address: 33 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94612

Phone: +1 510-835-7898

4) Shapeshifters Cafe

If you love a rustic, simple space with a classic feel, Shapeshifters Cafe is a destination not to be missed on the upcoming Valentine's Day. Located on 571 5th St, Oakland and has an easy to find location, from Shapeshifters Cafe you can also look out with a peaceful, romantic scene. The restaurant has a spacious, nostalgic space with a simple but no less attractive design.

Shapeshifters Cafe has many different types of drinks for you to choose from. Not only that, the shop also sells delicious breakfasts and dishes for you to enjoy. Regarding space, there is no need to argue because 1985 is one of the cafes in Oakland with its own unique and unmistakable design style. That simplicity and gentleness adds to the romantic atmosphere of dates. Most especially, the shop also organizes extremely attractive Aucostic music nights. Therefore, if you are looking for a cafe with a romantic atmosphere for Valentine's Day, this is one of the great choices you can consider.


Address: 571 5th St, Oakland, CA 94607

Phone: +1 510-836-1234

5) Cafe Lakeview

The next name on the list of cafes with romantic spaces for Valentine's Day in Oakland isCafe Lakeview. The Cafe captures the hearts of customers because of its gentle, simple and sophisticated space. Cafe Lakeview always brings its customers satisfaction with excellent service quality as well as attractive drinks here. Not only is it suitable for meeting friends, group meetings, and chatting, but this is also a romantic address for couples. The gentle and romantic atmosphere at Cafe Lakeview will make your date even more interesting.

The sophistication comes from the design space, appliances as well as every small corner at the shop. You can come here to check-in and take souvenir photos, which is also very suitable. Besides, the staff at Cafe Lakeview are very friendly, enthusiastic, and meet customers' needs well. That's why you can consider Cafe Lakeview if you want to find a romantic cafe for the upcoming Valentine's Day.


Address: 2834 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland, CA 94610

Menu: View it

Phone: +1 510-444-1475


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