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By Gabriella
Created on Dec 08, 2023

Electric Scooters’ve gradually become popular in various cities recent years. Many people choose Electric Scooter to move in cities in the US with the best convenience, speed & cost savings.

In addition, this vehicle aims to reduce carbon emissions, protect the environment, keep the city clean, and save money for you. Instead of using gasoline-powered vehicles, moving by electric scooter will save you a lot of money. Scooter with youthful, compact, flexible design is always the best choice for you. With a passion for electric scooters, we always bring you the best suggestion, the best electrics scooters for adults & give you with buying guides.

What city are you in? New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, Philadelphia, San Diego? Surely you cannot ignore the best products that we recommend for you below.

The popularity of E-Scooter in major cities?

An electric scooter is an electric motor-powered vehicle that has two small wheels connected to the bottom of a narrow board and a long vertical handle attached to the front wheel. Unlike scooters for moving on foot and electric bicycles in the form of pedaling, Electric Scooters use the energy from the battery stored in the E-Scooter.

Electric scooter with compact design is the most popular option of electric vehicles among electric vehicles on the market today.

 How to choose an electric scooter for adults?

Scooters are a convenient, useful and especially environmentally friendly means of transportation. Inspired by sleds, manufacturers have now developed into electric scooters with designs suitable for moving in the city. Electric Scooter is a special vehicle invented for people of all ages, especially for the adults.

Through many studies on height, weight, age… Manufacturers have improved electric scooter models suitable for adults. Constantly giving ideas, as well as designs of this electric scooter, to bring you the most suitable choice.

For adults, you have to choose the Scooters designed specifically for adults. In addition to moving dynamically, exercising physical and mental health, E-Scooters also help you catch up with the speeed, safety & comfort.

So how can you choose the right E-scooter for Adults?

Before choosing to buy, you should pay attention to the design of Electric Scooter. Consider which design you prefer (Color, style, size, etc.). Then you factor in the price of each Electric Scooter. All of the Electric Scooter models we selected are great, best-selling, and suitable for everyone. Next you can refer to the distance that the E-Scooter can go, battery type, battery charging time, brake system, tire type, along with other related indicators. Then order the product, and wait for the delivery time to arrive at your address. All products have Handbook to guide you to use and install easily

Take a look at some of the products we share below! Best products on the market from trusted stores. 

Best Adult Electric Scooters to buy on the market

Atomi Alpha Electric Scooter, 25 Miles Long Range

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The design of this E-scooter is very beautiful, with the gray and white color helping you stand out every time you go on the street. Equipped with Anti-Theft Cable Lock to give you peace of mind whenever you leave your car on the street. With a 10ah battery, your E-Scooter can travel longer distances, while reducing charging time. This product is suitable for moving in the city. In particular, Atomi gives you the best performance on rough surface.

Apps are connected to Atomi’s Electric Scooter to help control the distance and battery life. 3 Speed Modes help you adjust to the type of road. The lighting system is equipped to help the car move flexibly at night.

LEQISMART Electric Scooter Adults

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This Electric Scooter has been design for adults with ‎8.5″ Pneumatic Tires and powerful 350W Motor. It’s perfect choice for moving in the city & urban areas. Why you need to buy this product as it’s been equipped with lithium-ion battery that allow you to move 12-17 miles & compact design. This Vehicle’s been equipped with full brake and flashlight.

If you live in the city, and having the habit of street moving then this electric scooter is the best choice for you. Just order it to get this product soon!

Segway Ninebot ES1L Electric Kick Scooter

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Featured with Dark Grey & Orange, this E-Scooter is so youthful for you. The Frame Material has been made from Aluminum with light weight, and you can take it easy to control with this vehicle. 

Brake system would make it safe for you in any road while High-Quality Lithium-Ion Battery Pack allow you to move up to 12.4 Miles Range. This product is suitable to move in the city & urban areas, and even road; suitable to the people loving the simplicity & innovative way to move in the city.

Hiboy KS4/KS4 Pro Electric Scooter

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KS4 Pro e-scooter is equipped with a 500W motor and high capacity battery. 25 miles long-range per charge, suitable for city commuting and traveling. The design of the special tires helps you always enjoy a firm, smooth feeling every time you control this e-scooter.It’s really foldable electric scooter that you can carry around with ease. The battery allows you to move to up to 17 miles.

NIU Electric Scooter for Adults

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I am always impressed by the black and white color gamut of vehicles. Because this color always brings elegance, lightness… And another point is that when you move in the evening, this Electric Scooter can easily stand out from which other traffic can be identified. friends, thereby reducing the risk of collisions.

The NIU Electric Scooter is equipped with a 300w Motor, allowing you to travel up to 25 miles. Tubeless Fat Tire will help you move in the city more smoothly. In addition, this E-Scooter is equipped with a modern headlight & brake system. It’s a product that you should consider buying today

isinwheel S9Pro Electric Scooter

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Equipped with 350W Motor, this Electric Scooter can travel distances up to 17 Miles and is the best choice for moving in the city. The product is integrated with the App to help you manage the battery, the distance traveled as well as the schedule of the Vehicle.

There are 2 modes Eco Mode & Sport Mode to help you easily choose to save battery fuel as well as suitable for each vehicle user. The product features with with 8.5-inch solid tires and rear dual shock absorbers and be consindered as the best choice for you.

IVETA Pro Electric Scooter 750W Motor

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You cannot ignore this Electric Scooter thanks to its unique design with a bit of yellow to help stand out every time you ride it on the street. The product is equipped with a powerful motor up to 750w. IVETA brand is always the first choice with high durability, good product components. This Electric Scooter is suitable for commutation and traveling in the city.

The product is equipped with bright LED lights, connected to the App to help you control the distance, battery consumption and other necessary information. The product is foldable, so you can put it in a car trunk and take it on the subway when you need to travel further. Order this product today

Electric Scooter 500W (850W Max) Motor

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Equipped with 500W Motor, Electric Scooter by LazyBot can give you the best acceleration in short time. This E-Scooter is equipped with 4 gears that allow you to adjust the appropriate levels on each type of road. The product is suitable for adults, with the ability to reach 25 miles per hour.

Made with Japanese technology, the 36V/10Ah Lithium battery ensures you travel up to 28 miles. Safe braking system, equipped with LED lights to help you go on any road.

Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter- 350W Motor

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This product is designed with a modern, youthful design, and the color is also very beautiful for those who are passionate about moving in the city with an elegant style.

Revolutionary Upgrade of Electric Scooters: With powerful 350W motor, Segway Ninebot MAX can reach to 18. 6 mph, travel up to 40. 4 miles and max load of 220 lbs. Our Smart Battery Management System assures the battery safety and extends the battery life, Input Voltage 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz

LEQISMART A8 Electric Scooter Adults

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With a 350W motor, LEQISMART’s Electric Scooter is always the right choice for you when traveling with distances up to 28 miles. E-Scooter design with elegant design, gray and white color, accompanied by LED system in the body to help you stand out and be safer at night. With a maximum speed of 15.5 miles per hour, it is also suitable when riding uphill & downhill with the help of Intelligent Speed Control.

The product is equipped with an ABS brake system to make the car safer when traveling, and it can be folded when needed so you can take it away, or put it in the trunk of a car. With this electric scooter, you can use it to meet friends, go to work, go for a walk, or go shopping on the weekend.

iScooter Electric Scooter

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Add the perfect product selection Electric Scooter for you. With a dynamic design thanks to the chassis, handle, and Pneumatic Tires. This E-Scooter also connects with Apps to help you easily control the battery, distance, and various parameters.

I have always been impressed with the Pneumatic Tires because it helps the scooter  move better on city roads. This battery for E-Scooter can be fully charged in 4-6 hours & helps the Scooter  to travel a distance of 12-15 miles.

Electric Scooter with Paddle

What do you think about Electric Scooters with Paddles. They makes you easy to sit on paddle & ride the E-Scooter. So we also suggest you some of best products

EVERCROSS Electric Scooter  

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EVERCROSS offers you with good design of electric scooter. It’s been equipped with 10” Solid Tires & powerful Motor wih 800W that allow you to move with 25 miles of ranges. The front and rear shock absorbers have been designed to help you feel comfortable in any roads. 

The paddle allow you to sit & control the E-Scooter in your way. And you can also adjust the handles bars to fit with your height. The product is foldable that make it easy to move any places

 In addition to move professionally in the city or routes with the participation of other vehicles, electric vehicles require you the ability to accelerate & the balance when moving with different speeds, as well as ensure safety.

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1PLUS Electric Scooter 10" Solid Tires 500W Motor


So how can you choose the right electric scooters for adults?

Take a look at some of the information we share below!

1)Wheels Size

You should choose electric scooter with large wheels when you want to move on long, rough and uneven roads. Because big wheels mean a more comfortable experience. Large wheels with diameters from 145mm to 200mm will be a suitable choice for you to have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Of course, if you are just looking for an e-scooter to move short distances, on flat sidewalks or indoors/company, etc., then choosing smaller wheels (<145mm) is enough to meet your needs.. Everyone’s needs and preferences are different. Therefore, choose the model that suits you best.

 2) Footrest size & maximum of loading

Besides the wheels, the footrest of the scooter also needs to be considered. The footrest must be wide enough for your foot size, and of course must have anti-slip elements, increase friction to ensure safety while using. When riding, one foot should always stand comfortably on the footrest, and the other foot will be tilted to an angle in case of needing to rest.

3) Design & battery

E-scooter can also be folded to save space in the house.

Dynamic design, youthful with many eye-catching colors. The height of the saddle is also custom designed to raise and lower depending on the height of the user.

The Scooter is equipped with a lithium battery and a waterproof motor that is quite safe when traveling in the rain. In addition, the Scooter is also equipped with many safety details such as safety brakes, electric locks, dual LED lights, …

The E-Scooter consists of 2 quite dynamic wheels, with good grip, non-slip, safe to move. In particular, there is an additional anti-guard below, helping the Scooter to keep balance when the it stops.

4) How Scooter Electric Scooters Work?

Electric scooters work mainly on the rear axle based on the Electrification. Scooters will perform better if you do not start the scooter at full speed as soon as you start the starter. You should only change the vehicle speed to higher after starting and riding for 10 to 20 minutes.

Scooter batteries will work well for the first 1-2 years and after that will be subject to reduced performance or damage. Cold weather can affect battery life, so you should store your Scooter in warm spaces.

The wheels of E-Scooter should be checked regularly. And you should choose the best road to ride it. The advice for using the E-Scooter with the even suface of the road. Don’t ride the Scooter with the convex and concave of the road more than 2.5 cm 

Electric scooter works with a smaller engine than a motorbike and based on the electrification. Therefore, you need to regularly check battery, with the recommended level after 500 miles, to be able to maintain and help the scooter operate better.

5) To evaluate a quality electric scooter



Design is one of the details that is easily noticeable when looking at an electric scooter. Modern design, beautiful and well finished, will be a plus point in the eyes of consumers.


A quality scooter needs to have many smart and useful features that enhance the user experience. Important features can be mentioned such as safety brakes, water resistance, save space when moving in the urban areas …


Quality scooters will be equipped with durable engines, known for their high stability and tested quality, ensuring safety for users.

Comfortable to ride

Electric scooters often require legroom and sitting posture to be reasonably designed to bring comfort and convenience to the user.

6) About batteries of electric scooters

The battery used in battery-powered electric vehicles is a lithium-ion battery that helps to increase the lifespan, energy density, and safety of the vehicle.

The battery helps to store more power than using the battery because the light weight of the battery makes the scooter more energy efficient than the bulky design of the battery.

More power storage also helps the scooter’s charging time take place faster and the distance traveled is also more.

The battery-powered Scooter takes only 4-5 hours to fully charge that help users save more time.  Electric scooters run on batteries, if they’re well maintained and used properly, they can be used for a long time from 3 to 5 years even more with expensive products.


1 – The first thing to note is that after you come home, you let the Scooter rest for about 20 to 30 minutes to let the battery cool completely, then plug in the charger. Doing so is a way to protect your e-bike batteries from deformation and blistering.

2 – The second thing I want to share is about how much power the battery has left to charge to increase the life of the battery. According to my experience, the battery is about 30%, it is best to charge it. Do not go too low to charge before charging or only go to 10% charged, avoid charging multiple times a day.

3- How to properly plug in the charger

– Each Electric Scooter is equipped with a home charger. You need to charge the E-Scooter when the battery capacity is below 15%. You should note that, like the iPhone battery, the number of battery charges is also limited. Normally, the battery will only charge about 300 times before it starts to fail & you need to replace it with a new one.

Therefore, rechargeable batteries need to limit the number of times of charging by fully charging the battery, avoiding charging into small times.

First you should plug the charger into the charging hole, then the light on the charger will show red, which means the charger is active and when the battery is full, the charging light will turn green or show 100% fully charge.

Another note is that the battery will be fully charged from 5 to 6 hours for electric scooter. Even if the charger stops automatically, do not let the e-scooter have to charge for too long.


The trend of using green energy to help protect the environment and limit global warming is the best choice for you to move in cities around the world, and in the US. Here are the features of Scooter that will convince you to use this vehicle

Best price, Best Quality


Although the E-Scooter is with high quality and good performance, the price is quite cheap with only few hundred of dollars. You can own a stylish and trendy electric scooter for yourself. The trend of using green fuel to help protect the environment and limit global warming is the best choice for you to move in cities around the world, and in the US. Here are the features of Scooter that will convince you to use this vehicle

Friendly to Environment


With the current state of environmental pollution, the use of a Scooter using electric energy is an effective solution in contributing to reducing the level of dust pollution into the environment & No noice when using it

Each battery charge for an electric vehicle only costs you from a few dollars depending on the type of vehicle, instead of having to spend a significant amount of money on gas.

Easy to use


For those who are afraid to ride a motorbike for fear of not being able to control the speed, the electric scooter is a perfect alternative.

Electric scooter with a maximum speed of only 25 km / h will make it easy for you to control the speed. Compact design is also a great factor that makes it easier for you to control and master your handlebars compared to motorcycles.

Save space


The compact design as well as the fact that the Electrics Scooter can be folded easily will help you save maximum parking space at home, or easily take them with you on long trips by putting them in the trunk of the car. Besides, the compact design of the Scooter also makes riding more convenient in the increasingly crowded traffic situation today. Vehicles can easily move and save space when running on busy roads and traffic jams often occur in the cities or uban areas.


In the process of using a scooter, you do not know how to properly maintain the scooter, to help it operate efficiently and for a long time. Then follow this article immediately to learn about how to maintain the scooter for a long time!

1. Store your E-Scooter in indoors & dry place

To preserve E-scooters for a long time & for Durability, the simplest way is to store them indoors or in the garage, avoiding direct exposure to sunlight, rain, or high humidity.

This will prevent the scooter’s metal parts from rusting or corroding.

2. Check E-scooter components regularly

You should regularly check the e-scooter’s parts, make sure that the E-Scooter’s components are not lost or loose during a period of using, preferably before using the Scooter.

By periodically checking, tightening screws or latches, you can better ensure your E-Scooter.

How to use electric Scooter safely?

To use the Scooter safely, you need to always remember to wear a helmet every time you board. It is necessary to check the components of the E-Scooter before going: Check the brake system, lights, check the battery capacity of the E-Scooter …



Using E-Scooter in the city, you need to always obey traffic safety laws, control your speed well, and always observe different traffic flows every time you move.

In particular, when going uphill, you need to determine the previous distance and accelerate gradually in a flat area, when going uphill will let the Scooter reach the maximum speed and when the slope is over, you should gradually lower the speed so that the Motor can reach the maximum speed. Do not use excessively for a long time, affecting the lifespan of the Scooter.

If you know the right speed regulation, limit the use of maximum speed, the Motor of an Electric Scooter can be used as good as new for many years.

The battery of this Electric Scooter has a specific lifespan with around 300 times of charging. Just charge the battery fully 100% and use up in each. The battery only works well for the first 1-2 years and gradually loses performance or breaks down. You may buy a new battery when its performance is down. Especially, in cold weather, you should store your E-Scooter in a warm space to not affect the life of the battery.


History of E-Scooter

In July 1916, with the help of Flyng Merkel motorcycle designer Joseph F.Merkel, inventor Arthur Hugo Cecil Gibson created the first Scooter and patented it a day later.

Gradually, this compact electric scooter was widely developed in the market under the distribution of 3 startups, Bird, Lime and Spin in the US. In March 2018, these 3 companies launched Scooter rental service in downtown San Francisco and were supported and loved by the people.

At the end of 2018, the Scooter was available in many areas of the US then widely used in Europe and to this day, this product has been popular in many regions around the world.



Green Energy with E-Scooters


The New Innovation of Urban Moving now gives you the best choice to move in city, meet friends, share the experience for the best styles of the life.



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