Cowboy Hats for men, change your style with one

Isula Vatel
By Isula Vatel
Created on Dec 22, 2023

An elegant man does not always wear a suit in a formal way. Cowboy hats today are still worn by many gentlemen on their heads as a distinct fashion style. The American cowboy hat brings the style of a talented man, always ready...

Today, Cowboy Hat manufacturers always innovate materials and colors, but still maintain the unique style of the hat compared to hundreds of years ago. In addition to protecting you from bright sunlight, cowboy hats are also used in events where the person wearing the hat always has their own charm.

This product can be given as a gift for father, boyfriend, or used for different purposes. Let's find out which product is right for you.

1) American Hat Makers Hollywood Leather Cowboy Hat

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Handmade products always bring their own value. The Hollywood - American style cowboy hat is the best choice with durable leather material. There are 3 color options for the product: Black, Brown, Copper. What makes this hat highly appreciated is that it is Breathable & Comfortable when worn. You can use a hat to protect from the sun, suitable for outdoor activities. In addition, if you are passionate about outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, camping, or going to the beach, this product is very suitable for you.

The form of this cowboy hat provides a standard style. The product also comes with a chin strap to help prevent your hat from flipping over in the wind.

2) Enimay Western Cowboy

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With a lightweight design thanks to the synthesis of Fabric type (Palm Leaf & Paper); This western cowboy hat offers the best choice in its price range. With a western cowboy style shape, this hat also stands out from the brand with its delicately sewn seams. There are many color options for this product. With this cowboy hat, you can wear it on casual occasions such as parties, vacations or picnics. The Hat will protect you from the bright summer sun, and give you an impressive fashion style.

3) COLLECT PRESENT Plain Felt Cowboy 

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High-quality felt material was selected for this product. With adjustable chin strap design to help fit any sizes. For every man, a cowboy hat always exudes masculinity and strength in them. And with this product, even more will be done for you; It's a different fashion style.

Product to wear on casual occasions, attending clubs... and easy to coordinate with jeans & plaid shirts. The manufacturer advises you to hand wash this product to ensure durability and keep the shape of the hat.

4) Oztrala Oiled Leather Hat Australian Outback Aussie Western Cowboy

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100% Leather cowboy hats always bring durability to each product. In addition, leather material brings luxury, easy to coordinate with shirts and pants. This is a Hand Made product from Australia so you can be completely assured about the quality of the product. The hat's band is meticulously sewn together, giving this product its own unique character. The product helps protect you from 97% UV and Water Resistant.

The manufacturer recommends that you only hand wash the product to protect the leather material's durability over time. This is really a suitable product for boys in suburban areas, where there are large farms and have to go out often. If you live in the city, this product is also okay because it gives you a unique fashion style.

5) FLUFFY SENSE Cowboy Hat

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Not a high-end product, but FLUFFY SENSE Cowboy Hat is among the top best-selling products. Customers like this cowboy hat because its design is quite standard. The brim of the hat is curved, attached to a small leather belt. This product is suitable for activities such as horse riding, ranching, hiking, camping.

With this cowboy hat, you can easily wear it to match different outfits such as shirts, jeans, leather shoes.

6) Western Express Men's Classic Cattleman Black Straw Cowboy Hat

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The design of the Western Express cowboy hat is quite impressive with materials from Elastic & Straw. This is a fairly durable material and helps keep the hat from getting hairy compared to other cotton materials. The product is made in Mexico so the shape of the brim has a quite unique design.

This product is suitable for strong men, with a loose and light style. There are many sizes of products available to you. Choose your product today.

7) Walker and Hawkes - Leather Cowhide Outback Antique Hat

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Cowhide always gives a cowboy hat its own appeal. Classic style will make the hat more beautiful and personal. Made from 100% Leather, Walker and Hawkes Hat is committed to bringing you durability in every product. There are many different color & size options for this product.
The hat gives you ventilation when wearing it, and every time the hat is dirty, the manufacturer recommends that you use a soft brush to clean dust and dirt on the hat.

Wide brimmed cowboy hat

Inspired by the American Far West, the cowhide cowboy hat has become a popular item in the new season fashion trend.

Maintaining the style of Texas cowboy hats, cowboy hat has a curved brim up to 38 cm wide to effectively shade the sun and help you withstand even sudden rains.

Quality cowhide

Cowhide is a raw material to create high-end luxury fashion and interior items because products made from cowhide have a long lifespan and high aesthetics. The main ingredient in cowhide is protein, so it has very good bearing capacity.

100% genuine cowhide cowboy hats are selected from high quality raw leather and are made by skilled workers, all production stages are meticulously handcrafted.  Genuine cowboy hat is a luxurious, classy product that will look more beautiful and shiny the longer you use it.

Fixed strap

A noticeable feature of men's cowboy hats is the addition of a strap so you can adjust or fix the hat.

The cowboy felt hat has straps that can be adjusted to expand or retract the brim by hand as desired. The strap is designed to connect between the straps on both sides. You can adjust it to suit your face size.

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