Christmas markets in major cities in the US

December of 2023 is approaching

By Gabriella
Created on Nov 28, 2023

Another Christmas season has come. The last days of the year are often an opportunity for families to rest. This year, although still a year of recession, let everything slip into oblivion to release your soul into the most wonderful Christmas season of the year.

These days, big cities in our country are always colorful, with images of Christmas trees, and there are many things you can see at this year's Christmas markets. 

New York City is always the biggest tourist attraction, so the city government always spends a lot of time coming up with ideas for Christmas decorations. This year, Christmas markets are held at Bryant Park with vibrant colors. 

christmas market in NY.jpg

There're so many things you can buy these days: winter clothing, Christmas decorations, jewelry, local foods, and more


We will also update Christmas markets in other big cities for you as soon as possible. As December is approaching, the festive atmosphere is gradually becoming clearer...



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