Taylor Swift - The 1989 album changed my life in countless ways

By Gabriella
Created on Dec 01, 2023

Taylor Swift recently proudly announced The 1989 album changed my life in countless ways. And announced the release date of the Album will be out October 27th. Right now, fans can watch the album that she once affirmed as "this is my most FAVORITE re-record"


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Taylor Swift - famous American singer, songwriter, actress, music producer - real name is Taylor Alision Swift, born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania, USA. Taylor's greatest musical influences include Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes, Tina Turner, Dolly Parton, and her grandmother. Although her grandmother was a professional opera singer, Taylor was more inclined towards country music and she developed a love for Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton at a very young age.

 At age 11, Swift made her first trip to Nashville, hoping to get a recording contract while bringing along her home-recorded demo of karaoke songs. Taylor left copies at every record company in the city, but she was flatly rejected and forced to return home. At the age of 14, her family decided to move to a suburb of Nashville so she could focus on pursuing a singing career.

 Taylor's first single "Tim McCraw" received radio airplay in the summer of 2006 and on October 24, 2006, her self-titled debut album was released. Taylor wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on her album, which reached #19 on the Billboard charts. Taylor's second single - "Teardrops On My Guitar" was released on February 24, 2007. The song officially charted in the summer of 2007, reaching number 2 on the Billboard country music chart and number 33 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was re-released on the Hot 100 and Pop 100 at the end of the year. in 2007 with a pop remix that brought the song to #13 on the Hot 100 and #11 on the Pop 100. In 2008, she and Amy Winehouse were nominated for a Grammy Award. In November 2007, Swift's fellow musicians at the International Songwriters Association of Nashville awarded her the title of Songwriter/Singer of the Year, making her the youngest person to receive the award.

Fearless The second studio album - "Fearless" was officially released in the US on November 11, 2008. This album reached #1 in Billboard's hot 200 album chart immediately after its release. The two opening singles - "Love Story" and "You Belong With Me" - were released on September 12, 2008, and were successful on both the pop and country music charts. This helped Taylor Swift ascend to the throne of country music princess. Her third album titled "Speak Now" includes 14 songs and was released on October 25, 2010. All of the songs on the third album were composed by Taylor herself and tell the story of her life. The single "Mean" helped her win a Grammy Award in the Country Song of the Year category.

 After that, her name became even more famous when she collaborated with the band The Civil Wars in the soundtrack song of the blockbuster movie "The Hunger Games" - "Safe And Sound". Taylor's fourth album titled "Red" was released on October 22, 2012. Her single "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2014. She won 3 awards at the MTV Europe Award night for the categories Best Female Artist Video, Best Female Artist. Best and Best Live Singer. On October 27, 2014, Taylor released the highest-rated pop album of her career as a singer - "1989" with two singles that "stormed" the world's most famous music charts. : “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space”. The single "Shake It Off" was also once again nominated for a Grammy Award. Taylor Swift has also been honored twice to stand on the Victoria's Secret catwalk as a singer. Taylor Swift is also widely known for her participation as an actress in many films such as: "Hannah Montana: The Movie" (2009), "Valentine's Day" (2010), "The Lorax" (2012), “The Giver” (2014),…



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