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Isula Vatel
By Isula Vatel
Created on Jan 03, 2024

A familiar face with many successful roles in recent years, Pedro Pascal is always mentioned by audiences in many movies thanks to his unique acting. I accidentally learned about him through a quite interesting movie on HBO. And it's true that Pedro Pascal has been famous in many popular movies that audiences are excited about. Here are the top movies worth watching that he joined in

1) The Last of Us

The film is based on the game of the same name produced by Naughty Dog, released by Sony in 2013. Neil Druckmann - the game's writer and director - is the co-creator of the series. The script is set 20 years after the zombie apocalypse, Joel (Pedro Pascal) is hired to escort little girl Ellie (Bella Ramsey) out of the quarantine area. Ellie is immune to disease, her blood can save humanity. The mission gradually becomes a brutal journey for the two as they must travel across America to find a way to survive.

Placing humanity in a survival situation, The Last of Us conveys a humanistic story about family love and friendship. The work establishes a dangerous and painful atmosphere from the first minutes when introducing the ability of fungi to evolve, penetrate the brain and control human behavior, thereby devouring the host. The disease has no cure, spreading to all living people. Through the first four minutes, the film evokes the viewer's fear.

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2) The Equalizer 2

The Equalizer 2 is an extremely thrilling and dramatic action movie starring veteran actor Denzel Washington. In the film, the former CIA agent continues to become an "hero" in his quest for justice, especially more fiercely after the death of his close friend Susan. Susan was his former colleague and best friend – was brutally murdered by a group of thugs in Paris. He must investigate and return justice to his friend. In the process of clarifying the truth of the incident, Robert McCall was hunted down by a group of professional assassins who were willing to do everything to kill him.

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3) The Great Wall

The film is set in the Northern Song Dynasty, about a group of European mercenaries sent to China to steal the formula for making gunpowder. Their journey was full of hardships when they arrived at the Great Wall. In front of them were countless traps and extremely bloodthirsty monsters.

“The Great Wall” is considered China's most prominent blockbuster next year with an estimated investment cost of about 135 million USD. As for actor Matt Damon, he shared, "This is the biggest film project I have ever participated in."

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4) Kingsman: The Golden Circle

After a period of operation, the young agent Eggsy became more and more mature and became a standard gentleman. His girlfriend is a girl who is both beautiful and has a noble status - the "unexpected reward" in the previous part. Except for his nostalgia for his beloved teacher Harry Hart, Eggsy's life is almost perfect. However, his dreamlike world suddenly collapsed when several missiles completely destroyed the Kingsman organization. The leader, friend and one of the most important things died without a body, Eggsy and his partner Merlin had to go to the brotherhood organization - Statesman in the US to support the investigation.

The Golden Circle doubled the audience's excitement thanks to eye-catching action scenes right from the first minute. The villainous boss Poppy appeared with a performance that was even scarier than Valentine's. Compared to the guy who is afraid of blood because he cares about humanity and chooses to terrorize, Poppy is a better and smarter upgrade. She is capable, beautiful, intelligent and charming.

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5) Triple Frontier

Triple Frontier told about A special anti-drug officer named Pope (Oscar Isaac) sniffs out where the Colombian drug lord's money is hidden. He decided to gather a team of battle-hardened veterans with a plan to break into the mafia's lair, rob the money and withdraw it smoothly. Joining the "Pope"'s group is "Iron Hand" Ironhead (Charlie Hunnam) who killed 43 people, Ironhead's younger brother Ben (Garrett Hedlund), pilot "Cat Fish" (Pedro Pascal) and a veteran soldier. "Red Fly" (Ben Affleck) was shot 5 times... but did not die. Of course things are not that easy and the 5 people have to face the consequences of their actions.

Triple Frontier did well in creating drama that stimulated viewers from fiery gunfights to tense plane flying through canyons. Even though there are up to 5 characters, the movie still finds a way to show off the skills of each guy. Most impressive is probably the discipline and coordination of this group of "thieves" in the campaign to break into boss Lorea's safe.

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6) Wonder Woman 1984

'Wonder Woman 1984' tells the story of Diana on her journey to find a way to fight the power of the wishing stone. This is an object created by the 'God of Lies' and grants those who hold it a wish, but will have to exchange it for their most precious thing. Diana accidentally touches the wishing stone and helps her lover Steve Trevor be reborn, but she loses her powers.

After that, the wishing stone fell into the hands of businessman Maxwell Lord and he transformed himself into this object to possess the power to grant wishes to people. Then, when people's wishes are turned into reality by Maxwell Lord, the world falls into chaos, war will break out and Diana must fight against this to save the world.

Overall, ‘Wonder Woman 1984' is a superhero movie told in a true entertaining style. There, viewers can see many genres from romance, action to comedy converging in more than 150 minutes of this work. The film depicts a humanistic story about love.

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7) We Can Be Heroes

The story is about the exciting adventures of Missy Moreno and her super-powered friends (who also have superhero parents) on their journey to rescue their parents. When alien invaders attack Earth's superheroes and kidnap them.

Missy Moreno and her young friends work together to rescue her parents. Because they are still young, they all do not fully understand their powers and must learn how to control them as well as learn how to work together to be able to join forces to defeat evil and dangerous forces. We Can Be Heroes also attracted the audience's attention with a familiar face: actor Pedro Pascal - a veteran Hollywood actor. Possessing a handsome face and impressive acting skills, he is loved by many audiences through many different famous films.

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