Best Natural Shea Butters for Hydrating, Moisturizing & Nourishing your Skin

By Gabriella
Created on Jan 24, 2024

Shea Butter is sourced from African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda. For a long time, shea butter has been considered a perfect cure for such as insect bites, burns, scars; or used in beauty care as effective as moisturizer & sunscreen in Africa. With diverse uses,  shea butter has been now widely used in moisturizing & nourishing your skin.

Among so many products on the market, you might wonder what shea butter cream is the best to you? Don’t worry, we will recommend the most effective way to buy shea butter for skin care, for face, for hand/foot, hair or body care. Do not forget to refer to the best popular products today at the end of the article.

How to Choose Shea Butter?

Each shea butter product has differences in composition, origin, texture; so you need to choose according to your needs and usage circumstances.

Refined Shea Butter for Those with sensitive Skin / Unrefined Shea Butter For Those Who Like To Keep It Natural

There’re two main types of Shea butter: Unrefined and refined. Refined shea butter removes impurities from natural sources, which can be preserved longer than unrefined shea butter, because of less characteristic odor and more stable quality. In addition, refined shea butter is less likely to cause skin irritation.

Meanwhile, unrefined shea butter has not been removed its impurities, so it is in a natural status. Raw butter will have a change in smell, color due to the effect of the outside environment temperature, but it still has  effect in beauty care with a rich range of ingredients, with its natural ingredients would not be lost in the refining process. Both shea butter is beneficial. However, if your skin is sensitive, you should use refined shea butter.

Let’s Choose Origin Shea Butter: West Africa or East Africa?

West African shea butter is most popular in Africa, especially in Ghana, where shea butter is grown as a crop. The West African shea butter with its seeds from Mangiforia that has a half component of Oleic Acid which has high moisturizing effect and half is Stearic Acid (like vitamin E) with anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, when it’s used, you will need some time for shea butter to be soft and penetrate deeply into your skin or hair. When applied to the skin, you feel like it is having a thin & moisture covering on your skin.

Meanwhile, East African shea butter is from Nironotka. You can find it popular in Uganda and Sudan. In particular, the stearic acid concentration has a lower water-resistance effect than shea butter in West Africa, which make you feel smooth after apply the cream. It’s easier to spread or apply on the skin, you can use it as long-term moisturizing and more absorbent on the skin. East African shea butter is rarer  than West Africa, but you can choose according to preferences for your skin.

How about natural shea butter?

Shea butter can be stored in its natural state, so you can feel safe when using raw shea butter. However, even if the product is labeled “natural shea butter”, you need to check the ingredients because some products use only small amounts of shea butter. If you use products with lots of synthetic chemicals, shea butter will not promote its versatile utility.


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Organic Non-Organic East African Shea Butter Easy To Dispense, Large Capacity for Families
If you regularly use shea butter, you should opt for Viva Naturals cream. The unrefined crude shea butter, which is harvested in Uganda, is cold pressed, providing deep moisture to soft, supple skin. This shea butter is suitable for those of you who like easy-to-spread shea butter, which feels moisturized on the skin.

At the same time, the product has a large capacity, suitable for large demand or many users in your family, to save more fees for you. In addition to the simple skincare, you can mix shea butter by yourself, with different ingredients for beauty care at home.

2) Sky Organics Organic Shea Butter for Body & Face  


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Sky organic shea butter moisturizer with shea butter ingredients. You can use it as effective moisturizer for rough areas of skin like the hand, knee or the chest area. This product is suitable for dry skin, nourishes & softens. To bring you surprising results, it is from 100% Raw and Unrefined Shea Butter ingredients. For women who have dry skin problems, this product is the best choice. The secret ingredients with safflower seeds that help to remove dryness on your skin, make it soften as so long. Especially, with no chemical elements; it’s safe to use when needed. It’s perfect product from USA

3) Premium Nature Organic Shea Butter

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Premium Nature Organic Store give the market with best organic shea butter; Organic certified & be safe to use by thousands of women in beaty care with hair & skin. Yes, it’s Unrefined Body Shea Butter With pure ingredients, you can use it to moisturize your skin or hair, lips or face/body  which depend on your needs.

At the same time, the nature-free fragrance products are suitable for those who are looking for 100% natural products. In addition, you can also choose a lotion with a larger capacity, 454G.

4) It's Pure Natural Shea Butter

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Raw Shea Butter with highest quality, No Parabens, No Mineral Oils. Packed in an easily recognizable box with eye-catching mark, shea butter with its raw & pure form, rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids compared to other shea butter. The price is also quite reasonable for the size with 2 pounds of shea butter.

Besides, the product is also attractive in that it does not contain harmful chemical components such as Parabens, mineral oils, Phthalates, DEA, Formaldehyde (pungent odor). If you are looking for a shea butter with african source, this is the right product for DIY beauty creations: eye creams, lip balms or body. The product is easy to mix with other creams

5) Kapuluan Shea Butter

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It's absolutely African shea butter that satisfies you who appreciate the fragrance when beauty. The cream is rich in moisture but does not cause greasy, fast absorption, easy to spread on the skin so it is suitable for you to apply all over the body. It’s a product from Ghana, and you would feel the best quality with 100% native natural color. Vitamins A and E help to boost the vitality for your skin & hair.

The manufacturer has claimed it's raw shea butter & it's unrefined, organic, and 100% shea butter

6) African Shea Butter – Raw Unrefined Organic – 100% Pure for Hair and Skin

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Creamy Shea Butter with Non-Paraben, Deep Moisturizing from Green Leaf Naturals. Smooth creamy cream, suitable for use in dry winter. The cream can penetrate deep into thick skin areas such as knees, heels, face, hair, elbows, hands, dry skin, eczem.

You can also use it to massage for focusing skin area. It’s perfect products without parabens, artificial scents as well as synthetic chemicals, mineral oil, sulfate, you can rest assured to use even on the face. Capacity is also quite large suitable for long-term use.

7)AROMATIKA Refined Shea Butter

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AROMATIKA always brings you the best choice for Refined Shea Butter. Designing the product box with the brand logo and product parameters will help customers more easily visualize the ingredients and quality of the product. 

With 100% Natural & Pure Shea Butter, this product is considered the perfect choice in natural beauty for women. You can now take good care of Body Care - Hair - Face. The product is rich in vitamins & minerals that help accelerate skin cell production, nourish & make your skin naturally beautiful.

8) Better Shea Butter Raw Shea Butter - 100% Pure African Unrefined Shea Butter

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There’re a trend of using organic product today! And for this Shea Butter, there’s Certified USDA Organic for it. You can’t find artificial fragrances as well as synthetic chemicals, mineral oil, sulfate, you can rest assured to use even on the face. It’s a good moisturizer for your hand foot face body. There’re guarantee from manufacturer for your satisfaction as well quality of the product. It’s a product from women’s co-op in Africa!

9) GreenIVe 100% Pure Shea Butter

It’s a good product for taking care of skin, hair. The product is rich in vitamins A, E, and F. As the guide from manufacturer, Vitamins A and E moisturize and repair damaged skin and hair, while vitamin F encourages rejuvenation and growth. Now you can feel this product is deserved to buy with so many other program for encourage to buy from the shop.

Shear butter products originating from Africa always provide the best quality. It is distilled from natural soil, water sources, and wind sources to produce shear fruits of the best quality. And now, when the product is on the shelf, thousands of customers search and use it every day. That is the pride of those who exploit, process and distribute this product

10) REAL African Shea Butter Pure Raw Unrefined From Ghana

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More options to buy shea butter; The original product from Western Africa – Ghana at protecting your skin. This helps to remmove beauty problem such as eczema and severe dry skin, nourishing aged and damaged skin. With the ingredients of organic shea butter from Ghana, vanilla essential oil and special fragrance will help you relax more after stressful study and work.

Especially, with a brand of shea butter, you can choose natural shea butter skin products from West Africa, with many different scents.

11) MGL Naturals Organic African Shea Butter

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Although not stored in the box like other products, this type is affordable, the price is good & suitable for those who want to save. It’s a product from hard-working African. If you intend to trade or use shea butter as an ingredient in homemade cosmetics, this is also the right product.

Raw butter has a light yellow color, is quite soft and easy to process. This shea butter is raw from the shea nut. If you value the moisturizing benefits of raw shea butter and don’t feel uncomfortable with the natural smell of shea butter, this is the product for you.

12) White Naturals Shea Butter

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Raw African Shea Butter is always valuable for users; that’s reason why it’s a good choice with this product. The product with mass of benefits like relieves symptoms of eczema and similar skin irritation, nourish your skin from inside. You might feel the valuable profit when it’s been the best product made from Ghanian women in West Africa. The product has been made from the pure shea nuts to get the maximum of quality. The White Shea Butter with naturally nourish your skin, hair. You can see the perfect benefits from this product after few weeks of using. Let’s order it for today!

Choosing shea butter moisturizer is easy, right? You only need to find out the information on the product packaging about the composition of crude or refined shea butter, originating from West Africa or East Africa. At the same time, choose products that do not contain synthetic fragrances, toxic preservatives.

Benefits of shea butter for your skin

1/Shea butter is good for skin whitening, moisturizing dry skin

The moisturizers in Shea butter are exactly the same as the natural moisturizers your body produces. Besides, it also helps the skin turn white tone quickly. You can use creams from Shea Butter by combining it with some natural ingredients.

2/Prevent wrinkles

Practical research shows that regular use of shea butter for 4 to 6 weeks can remove wrinkles, help skin smooth and natural.

3/Adds antioxidants agents for your skin

In together with the supply of essential vitamins for the skin. Besides, Shea butter also adds antioxidants to help skin always ruddy, youthful.

4/Shea butter is professional for hair care

Protecting hair is also one of the effects of Shea Butter which makes many women feel satisfied.

It is great to use a moisturizing, protective, hair-protecting product. It will help moisturize, reduce dandruff, keep your hair in curly style and reduce frizz extremely effectively.

5/Treatment for cracked heel

The treatment of heel cracking with butterfat is fairly easy. You just need to apply some shea butter and wear cotton socks every night before going to bed and wash it off the next morning. Persistent implementation will help you get the desired results.



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