The Fugitive 1993 - with Harison Ford starred in

By Gabriella
Created on Dec 04, 2023


Richard Kimble is a famous doctor at Memorial Hospital. However, trouble came to him when his beloved wife was killed in a break-in at his house during the night. Unfortunately, the charges were imposed on him when the police said he was the one who killed his wife because he wanted to inherit money from her wealth.

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But on the way to the federal prison to receive his execution, Richard was lucky to escape when the prison van crashed and fell off a cliff. And from then on, he determined to find clues as to why his wife was killed. With his intelligence, the clues led to the hospital where he worked where there was fraud in approving new drugs to treat liver disease.

The film is set in the splendid city of Chicago where the police chief, doctor Richard Kimble, and his colleague at the hospital where he works are chased.

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The film is directed by Andrew Davis and stars Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones.




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