Hanoi's Old Quarter - A destination not to be missed

Linda Mabrey
By Linda Mabrey
Created on Mar 27, 2024

I arrived in Hanoi on an autumn afternoon, the air was cool and the sky was blue. The first feeling that flooded into me was that the land was full of energy, fun and simplicity. It can be said that those first factors made me forget the difficult and chaotic feelings in my work at that time.

Hanoi's Old Quarter has long been the most attractive tourist destination with its own unique characteristics of Vietnam. This place brings together many tourists from different countries around the world such as Australia, Germany, England, Korea, China, America & Canada... Many tourists choose Hanoi because the scenery here is very different. with the city where they live. Quaint little houses, small streets, and simple local people. Another reason tourists choose Hanoi is its low-cost destination. That means you can spend a lot of money because everything is cheap, from accommodation, food, beer... For example, you can buy 1 bottle of beer for only $1.4; Food on walking streets at night from $3.7, accommodation costs from $9 per night...

The Huc Bridge.jpg


The Huc Bridge in Hanoi

However, what attracts tourists is Hanoi's own resort with preserved historical relics dating back thousands of years, ancient temples and pagodas, and historical relics associated with the resistance war to protect the homeland. 

Located in the center of Hoan Kiem district, near Hoan Kiem Lake. The area of Hanoi's Old Quarter is about 100 hectares, including 76 streets in 10 wards. The scope of this location is as follows:

  • North direction is Hang Dau street
  • West direction is Phung Hung street
  • To the South are Cau Go, Hang Gai, Hang Bong and Hang Thung streets
  • To the East are Tran Nhat Duat and Tran Quang Khai streets

Most of the streets here are named after ancient craft villages with the word "Hang" in front of Hang Than, Hang Gai, Hang Bong, Hang Dao... Currently, many streets still retain traditional crafts but still focusing on trading a certain type of goods such as Ma May street specializes in providing tourism services, Hang Buom street sells confectionery, Hang Quat street sells worship items, Hang Ma street sells decorations for each Tet holiday...

Each street on the map of Hanoi's old town has its own characteristics, bringing different impressions and feelings to visitors. Visiting here, you will partly imagine the bustling and vibrant life of Hanoi people in ancient times.


O Quan Chuong is imprinted with traces of time

O Quan Chuong is located at the intersection of Dao Duy Tu - Hang Chieu, about 80m from the Red River. This work is considered a "living witness" witnessing many ups and downs of history. Built in 1749, O Quan Chuong is a place where goods trading activities often take place.

This project is built in a 3m high gazebo structure with 3 doors, including 1 main door in the middle and 2 side doors on both sides. Coming here, visitors will admire the unique architecture, clearly showing the mark of time.

o quan truong.jpg

Hang Ma street

One of the super HOT mid-autumn entertainment venues in Hanoi that you should not miss is Hang Ma Street. This location is about 1km from Dong Xuan market, 700m from Sword Lake. Previously, Hang Ma Street was a place specializing in the production and sale of items such as votive papers or decorations for major occasions. Currently, this street is still selling these items.

Hang ma street 1.jpg

On major holidays, Hang Ma Street puts on a new outfit, sometimes bright red with lanterns, sometimes warm with Christmas decorations.

hang ma street.png

Take a "Xich Lo" to visit the old town

Coming to Hanoi's 36 streets, visitors can rent a cyclo to travel all over the road, fully enjoying the simple, familiar, and bold beauty of Hanoi here. Not only that, you will also have the drivers share interesting stories about house numbers and streets associated with time. In particular, traveling by cyclo also helps reduce emissions into the environment, thereby contributing to creating a green - clean - beautiful Capital.


Other moving vehiches such as electric taxi with a distinctive green color called XANH SM, in addition, you can use electric motorbike services at a lower cost than other types of vehicles & help to protect the environment. Just ask a local to book it through mobile apps or directly hail a Xanh SM Taxi if you see it on the street.

Xanh SM.jpg

Hanoi - Interesting nightlife for you

The night market on Hang Bai street with shelves, people here sell many types of items such as clothes, handicrafts, jewelry... at very cheap prices. If you are passionate about travel & trips, you can visit travel stores with many choices...

night market.jpg

Ta Hien Street - A corner of interesting nightlife in Hanoi

On Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays; The streets here are reserved for pedestrians. When you come here, you will be flooded with shops and beer shops with many different types of premium beer. Many tourists choose Hanoi beer, or craft beer with its own unique flavor. This place gathers many tourists from all over, you can talk and ask about them, everything is interesting when the evening begins.

TaHien Street - Hanoi.jpg

Travellers in Ta Hien Street -hanoi.jpg

But what can attract you are the native Hanoi people. They have lived here on a land of thousands of years of history. These are friendly people, bringing unique characteristics to the image of the tourism land.

hanoian take photos.jpg

Another corner of modern Hanoi

Hanoi is not only an attractive destination because of its ancient and simple features; In another corner, it is a developing land with tourist urban areas where you can enjoy the cool atmosphere, walk and shop.


Vinhomes Riverside Hanoi


Almaz Entermainment Center

Asian Restaurants on Water of Vinhomes Riverside, just 10km from the Old Quater of Hanoi. 

Royal City.jpg

Royal City

Royal City, with Asia's largest underground shopping center. With walking streets, restaurants, shops, supermarkets... where the world's leading brands gather here.

Mega Grand World.jpg

Mega Grand World of Vinhomes Ocean Park - The Crown

Mega Grand World is known as an entertainment and shopping complex in Hanoi. This place includes streets with colorful shops & restaurants, attracting thousands of customers to visit and have fun...

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