Top 1000 Unique and Cute Names for Cat

Nataly Goleman
By Nataly Goleman
Created on Apr 16, 2024

When adopting a cat or bringing home a new kitten, you may want to choose a cat name that is unusual, quirky or imaginative. If you're struggling to think of something unique, check out this list of unique, female cat names to give you some inspiration.

How to name a male cat

There's nothing wrong with popular cat names like Sooty, Tiger, and Oscar, but sometimes, standing out from the crowd and picking out more unique male cat names can be a good thing.

Bringing home a new foster cat or kitten can be an exciting and overwhelming time. It can be difficult to get inspired when you're focused on getting your cat into their new home.

Our list of unique male cat names will hopefully provide some ideas to spark the imagination.

1. Birba

Do you have a cat that is a little monkey and always gets up to be naughty? They could be a perfect fit for the cute name Birba, which means scoundrel or scoundrel in Italian.

2. Bryer

If you have a cat who loves people and is full of sweet affection, then you couldn't choose a more suitable name than Bryer. This Canadian-based name means gentle and sweet.

3. Bugatti

For the car enthusiasts out there, Bugatti might be a fun name for your cat. It would be especially suitable if they are a speed demon who has an abundance of energy and wants to play all the time. Bugatti cars are regularly in the top 10 fastest cars in the world.

4. Caleb

If your cat is an incredibly loyal cat, then Caleb might be the perfect name for them. This is a Hebrew name, it signifies loyalty, devotion and also courage.

5. Carbonel

If you're nostalgic for a childhood in the mid-21st century and you have a regal-looking cat, then Carbonel could be a great name choice, especially if they're black. This is the name of the talking cat in the children's book by Barbara Sleigh. If you have young children, they will definitely enjoy reading stories inspired by their cat's name

6. Gandalf

For fans of classic fantasy literature, there's a character name you can't miss in The Lord of the Rings. What better name than Gandalf, to honor the main wizard in the novel. It may not be as unique as some of the other names on this list, but it is one of those names that would suit a white or gray cat personality-wise.

7. Hypnos

Cats are often named after Greek or Norse gods. It's not uncommon (especially after the popularity of the Marvel movies) to hear cats called Loki or Thor. If you have a lazy cat who likes to lie around all day, then the more unusual choice of Hypnos could be a great fit. This is the Greek God of Sleep.

8. Marmite

This is a famous traditional British dish that has evolved into a term used to describe something very divisive. If something is like Marmite, then you either 'love it or hate it'. If you have a cat with a very unique personality that not everyone else has, Marmite might be the perfect unique, cute name for them.

9. Meelap

If your cat often misbehaves and embarrasses you in front of guests, you can name it Meelap. This is of Sanskrit origin and means confused. This name may also be suitable for female cats.

10. Nermal

Nermal is the adorable enemy of the comic book character Garfield. He calls himself the cutest kitten in the world. If you have a cute-looking cat with a superiority complex, what could be more suitable than this name?

11. Nimbus

If you have a moody cat or just have a cat that is dark gray in color, naming them after this type of dark cloud may be appropriate.

12. Pan

If you have read Philip Pullman's The Dark Materials Trilogy, you will know that the main character Lyra has a spirit companion who usually takes the form of a wildcat and he is called Pantalaimon, or Pan for short. This would be the perfect name for fans of the novel, or for a very sensitive cat, the antithesis of recklessness.

13. Shiro

If you have a white cat and you're looking for a name that's more unique than the usual Snowy or Marshmallow, what about Shiro? This is a Japanese word meaning white.

14. Sulley

Who can forget this adorable blue character from Pixar's Monsters Inc? His beloved Boo calls him 'Kitty' throughout the first film. So, if you have a smooth, gentle giant cat, this name will be perfect.

15. Woozle

Tigger is a popular cat name. Who doesn't love the famous character from Winnie the Pooh? However, it doesn't have to be a unique name. If you love these books and you have a timid and shy cat, then why not name them, ironically, instead This villainous honey thief character.

How to name a female cat
Your new kitten is female. And you're looking for the perfect female cat names. She may have many qualities of a girl. She can be gentle and quiet.

When she jumps on you or your furniture, you can barely feel when she lands. Perhaps her small face is the cutest you've ever seen. Or she's female, but lets you know she's strong.

Maybe her personality tells you she's cool. Or you had a few laughs over something your girl did. Her appearance may require a special name.

Name the most unique female cat
1. Onyx

2. Momo

3. Artemis

4. Carina

5. Freya

6. Almond flowers

7. Grizabella

8. Modella

9. Moscato

10. Pawdry Hepburn

11. Sesame sauce

12. Ursula

13. Zuri

14. Cloves

15. Pewter

Name female cats according to personality

By being “cool,” your cat may be one of those decent cats that only approaches you when they want to. Does your wonderful girl have “catitude?” Then she must have a great name that has a lot of attitude behind it.

Try out a few of your favorite options for your wonderful customers. See if you think they suit her.

If your cat allows strangers to touch and pet you, you should choose a name that says “I am approachable.” Even though she's cool, she wants human contact. You want her name to encourage people to scratch under the chin.

1. Deja

2. Diva

3. Dakota

4. Echo

5. Felix

6. Artemis

7. Ace

8. Ava

9. Autumn

10. Bonnie

11. Callie

12. Chanel

13. Delilah

14. Flame

15. Fiona

16. Flash

17. Galaxy

18. Gorgeous

19. Gizmo

20. Gracie

21. Harper

22. Harlow

23. Hunter

24. Holly

25. Hope

26. Ice

27. Iris

28. Izzy

29. Java

30. Jane

31. Karma

32. Katniss

33. Lady

34. Lexi

35. Lola

36. Lynx

37. Majesty

38. Malibu

39. Marie

40. Mika

41. Milo

42. Nakita

43. Nitro

44. Opal

45. Ophelia

46. Pearl

47. Piper

48. Rain

49. Roo

50. Scout

51. Scooter

52. Sheba

53. Stella

54. Violet

55. Minx

56. Paris

57. Raven

58. Rebel

59. Reese

60. Skittles

61. Pixie

62. Oreo

63. Pebbles

64. River

65. Rowan

66. Ruby

67. Savannah

68. Turbo

69. Twilight

70. Twinkle

71. Walter

72. Quinn

73. Ziggy

Name female cats according to appearance
1. Taz

2. Betsy

3. Beatrice

4. Blitzen

5. Betty

6. Crystal

7. Camille

8. Delia

9. Sabrina

10. Shasta

11. Snow White

12. Sugar

13. Abigail

14. Alice

15. Ally

16. Alexandra

17. Amber

18. Amy

19. Anastasia

20. Abby

21. Ashley

22. Allie

23. Bianca

24. Caroline

25. Charlie

26. Cindy

27. Cleo

28. Coco

29. Cookie

30. Cruella

31. Cupcake

32. Dinah

33. Duchess

34. Emma

35. Eva

36. Eve

37. Hannah

38. Hello Kitty

39. Isabelle

40. Jade

41. Jazzy

42. Jessie

43. Jennifer

44. Josie

45. Josephine

46. Layla

47. Lara

48. Lilly

49. Louise

50. London

51. Leila

52. Madison

53. Madeline

54. Maisie

55. Marley

56. Mina

57. Murphy

58. Natasha

59. Noel

60. Nora

61. Ladybug

62. Whiskers

63. Sally

64. Sandy

65. Simon

66. Scarlett

67. Snowball

68. Sooty

69. Sophie

70. Pipsqueak

71. Pippa

72. Poopsie

73. Roxie

74. Sadie

75. Sammy

76. Scratch

77. Shamu

78. Sierra

79. Squeaky

80. Tickles

81. Tessa

82. Tootles

83. Yeti

84. Emily

85. Maddie

86. Marilyn

87. Sarah

88. Taffy

89. Teacup

90. Tipsy

91. Twinkles

92. Velvet

93. Zoe

94. Grace

95. Penny

96. Rainbow

97. Rose

98. Riley

99. Bubbles

100. Lily

101. Lucky

102. Lucy

103. Luna

104. Maggie

105. Margherita

106. Mimi

107. Molly

108. Nala

109. Nabi

110. Olivia

111. Ramona

112. Rosie

113. Tabitha

114. Samantha

115. Sasha

116. Sooty

117. Sophie

118. Sora

119. Whitney

120. Yoda

121. Lollipop

Female cat names are cute

That little snub nose and big eyes scream I'm so cute. She may keep that kitten-like face well into her adult years. Or her features may mature as she grows older.

If your cat has a delicate appearance, you will need to choose its name according to its appearance. Choose a name that is clearly “feminine.” Or choose a name that could suit a girl or a boy.

Buy a baby name book and look through the baby girl sections. Depending on your cat's temperament, you can find a cute name for it. Or, think about the names of flowers.

1. Ariel

2. Annie

3. Baby

4. Bailey

5. Bambi

6. Barbie

7. Bella

8. Beauty

9. Blossom

10. Bunny

11. Buttercup

12. Calipso

13. Casey

14. Chocolate

15. Chewy

16. Cinderella

17. Clementine

18. Ella

19. Flower

20. Honey

21. Inky

22. Kiki

23. Licorice

24. Minnie

25. Missy

26. Angel

27. Apple

28. Belle

29. Brownie

30. Burrito

31. Butter

32. Cassie

33. Charlotte

34. Cherry

35. Chloe

36. Coco

37. Cookie

38. Cuddles

39. Daisy

40. Daphne

41. Ellie

42. Fluffy

43. Ivy

44. Jinx

45. Liz

46. Lila

47. Lulu

48. Mabel

49. Mia

50. Gabby

51. Loki

52. Patty

53. Precious

54. Puss

55. Stormy

56. Tammy

57. Tinkerbell

58. Tootsie

59. Zoey

60. Evie

61. Fifi

62. Freckles

63. Glitter

64. Mandy

65. Marbles

66. Queenie

67. Poppy

68. Small Ball

69. Snickers

70. Sweetie

71. Sunshine

72. Sunny

73. Tiny

74. Tobby

75. Tulip

76. Trixie

77. Twinkie

78. Winnie

79. Katie

80. Kitty

Naming a female cat with humorous style

Maybe your cat just has a funny personality. Maybe you're someone who likes to have fun. In either case, your cat should have a fun, feminine name. Name play. Or use names from children's movies.

If your kitten has a dull personality, he needs a name that reflects silliness.

Choose a funny cat name using verbs. You can also choose a name that fits another breed of dog. Take a girl's name and change its spelling by just one letter. For example, “Claudia” becomes “Clawdia.” It's not that difficult.

1. Catman

2. Candy

3. Champagne

4. Cheeks

5. Checkers

6. Cricket

7. Cinnamon

8. Easter

9. Soup

10. Tequila

11. Blondie

12. Beau

13. Boo

14. Clawdia

15. Clawsome

16. Dizzy

17. Ewok

18. Fluffington

19. Frankie

20. Fuzzy

21. Ginger

22. Giggles

23. Gigi

24. Gremlin

25. Lizzie

26. Hammy

27. Hazel

28. Hello Kitty

29. July

30. Mama

31. Moniker

32. Nutmeg

33. Pepper

34. Pickles

35. Pumpkin

36. Pita

37. Rice Krispies

38. Sweet Cakes

39. Jennifur

40. Kat

41. Katnip

42. Katty

43. Pancakes

44. Peaches

45. Peanut

46. Sage

47. Salad

48. Socks

49. Sushi

50. Tortoiseshell

51. Zombie

52. Kitkat

53. Ivory

54. Madam

55. Mew

56. Noodle

57. Muffin

58. Ninja

59. Buttons

60. Paulina

61. Pounce

62. Purrfect

63. Rex

64. Sassy

65. Witch

66. Katy Kirstie

67. Alley Kat

68. Kit Kat Kitty

69. Lickerish

70. Willow

71. Scat

72. Schrodinger

73. Tabby-fur

74. Turtle

75. Tulip

76. Trixie

77. Twinkie

78. Winnie

79. Katie

80. Kitty

Naming a female cat has a strong character
Your female cat is beautiful, but she is strong. Her name should suggest… no, scream “strength.” The final name you choose must match, not only her appearance but also her physical or mental strength.

Choose a female mythological name or the name of a metal. Now, that's powerful. Use that baby name book (or e-reader) and look up the meanings of the names you're considering. As you get more ideas and name meanings, you'll be able to narrow down your top choices.

Finally, you will find the perfect name that describes your female cat, She will love her name.

1. Bree

2. Bear

3. Bertha

4. Bullet

5. Camilla

6. Carla

7. Cersei

8. Cleopatra

9. Clever

10. Delia

11. Electra

12. Eleanor

13. Fire

14. Ghost

15. Simba

16. Storm

17. Faith

18. Juno

19. Ambrosia

20. Annabelle

21. Agatha

22. Arya

23. Apollo

24. Pandora

25. Puma

26. Penelope

27. Persephone

28. Phoenix

29. Starlight

30. Amiga

31. Arachna

32. Aria

33. Arwa

34. Enid

35. Elvira

36. Harley

37. Hermione

38. Minerva

39. Fairy

40. Leia

41. Rocky

42. Sephora

43. Shira

44. Shiraz

45. Athena

46. Aurora

47. Freya

48. Frida

49. Gesa

50. Hera

51. Hester

52. Isa

53. Jasmine

54. Joy

55. Isis

56. Kaplan

57. Phoebe

58. Salem

59. Victoria

60. Amazon

61. Matilda

62. Maya

63. Millie

64. Mystique

65. Olympia

66. Lion

67. Roxy

68. Star

69. Tiger

70. Tabby

71. Ursula

72. Zelda

73. Ziva

74. Diamond

75. Dior

76. Diva

77. Osa

78. Pistol

79. Racer

80. Ripley

With their black fur and intense eyes, they suggest “mystery.” Just the black fur on your sweet baby's body suggests so many names. Use her colors, of course.

Instead of using color, use time of day (or night, as the case may be). Maybe choose the name of a bird with black feathers (just not a crow).

Here is our separate article for the complete list of black and white cat names.

Black cats can also easily wear the names of their black cousins. Or choose a name that suggests “dark.” Use play on phrases. Remove “black” and add another word: Black Magic. Remove "black". Perfect name..

1. Beetle

2. Berry

3. Cali

4. Char

5. Cinder

6. Coal

7. Coffee

8. Cola

9. Darcy

10. Dottie

11. Dusty

12. Ebony

13. Eclipse

14. Espresso

15. Finn

16. Gypsy

17. Ink

18. Jetty

19. Kahlua

20. Magic

21. Midnight

22. Misty

23. Mocha

24. Moon

25. Olive

26. Onyx

27. Panther

28. Panda

29. Pitch

30. Raven

31. Sable

32. Secret

33. Shadow

34. Silhouette

35. Smokey

36. Smudge

37. Snowy

38. Twilight

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