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Isula Vatel
By Isula Vatel
Created on Jan 05, 2024

Outdoor wicker patio furniture set has been now becoming a trend. Many families choose to have outdoor table chair furniture set to enjoy the exciting space & leisure time as well as for conversation. Some Resorts also use rattan outdoor patio set to give customers a special experience from their service.

Outdoor space are always fun to enjoy for relax & conversation. It also brings new feelings at weekends or holidays. Especially, enjoy the meal & eat from a perfect rattan outdoor patio set in the morning or late afternoon always brings a different taste. Just see what we bring you with best guides to buy a good wicker patio furniture set for today & explore the best products from this article.


Wisteria Lane 4 Piece Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets

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The product has a compact design, suitable for your garden space. The set incluces 5 pcs, including table, 4 rattan chairs with cushion. This product is suitable for enjoy the breakfast, late afternoon or evening. Enjoy the weekend with family members and loved ones.

The product is made from high-quality PE rattan, accompanied by cushions that bring elegance and durability in each design. You do not need to worry about the installation of this product, there are specific instructions included with the product


Vongrasig 6 Piece Small Patio Furniture Sets

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One of the criteria for choosing an outdoor patio set is durability & design. Then you will feel comfortable every time you sit from this product. With 6 Pieces from Vongrasig including 5 chairs & one small table, it also meets the unique design of the product to bring comfort and convenience when used.

The product is suitable for Patio Garden, with different colors:  Beige, Blue, Red gives the best options to buy. With material from Premium PE rattan, the product is resistant to all weather conditions, suitable for weekend meals with the family. Resorts should also buy this product to serve customers the best.


LAUSAINT HOME Patio Furniture Set

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This product is pure Beige color with a modern design, LAUSAINT HOME Patio Furniture Set offers the best choice for Outdoor Sectional Conversation Set, outdoor spaces in garden, courtyard, backyard.. You can also used this set for balconies.... It’s been designed with rust-resistant steel frame  to ensure stable seating with different weight thresholds.

Products from rattan are always considered easy to clean, with just a soft cloth you can easily wipe them off. The best choice to help you relax, after every hard work, enjoy a glass of wine and a delicious meal is great when using this product.


Greesum Patio Furniture 4 Pieces Conversation Sets

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More choices for you with Greesum Patio Furniture set. The product with stylish design bringing you the comfort every time you use it. Let's enjoy the fresh air from nature with a cup of coffee and tea at breakfast. It's a set with 4 pieces: loveseat, 2 chairs and glass top coffee table & durable frame for all weather. 

It's a good choice to buy this product for party with your family members in spaces such as yards, patios, gardens. Choose this product today to be able to enjoy a separate space for yourself and your family members on the weekend.


Shintenchi 4-Piece Outdoor Patio Furniture Set

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The product has been considered as fashionable rattan and modern design for any spaces. The material is orginal PE plastic with extremely good toughness and elasticity, added with anti-UV additives to help protect against sunburn, full of colors to create a relaxing sunbathing chair more romantic and eye-catching. , Especially the comfort and comfort for you moments of relaxation and rest. Hope you like its Color Brown/Beig, it’s great brand from Devoko & Modern Style.

Elegant design, elite, but extremely durable. The product uses the highest quality materials such as a powder-coated galvanized steel frame, and requires excellent craftsmanship.


Best Choice Products 4-Piece Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture Set

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Many consumers prefer simple designs but still aim for convenience of use. And this versatile furniture set gives you a completely optimal design for any backyard, balcony, patio, and other outdoor sitting spaces. Product includes 3 chairs & 1 wicker coffee table. This is truly the ideal space to rest and relax after long days of work. Enjoy a glass of wine & enjoy the beautiful surroundings with friends or family members.

With this product, the manufacturer recommends that you wash the cushion covers when you notice they are dirty. Additionally, Wicker patio furniture set can be cleaned with Machine Wash such as pressured powerd washer.


 PHI VILLA Outdoor Heavy Duty Wicker Patio Conversation Set 7-Piece

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If you own a large yard, choosing patio furniture sets with many pieces is also a good choice. PHI VILLA Outdoor Patio Conversation Set is designed with 7 Pieces to help optimize spacious space for your garden. Therefore, this product is suitable for gardens, swimming pools at villas, resorts, or any large garden space.

The Product includes with 2 Armless Sofas, 3 Armrest Chairs, 2 Ottomans & they fit any space. sturdy steel frame and premium PE rattan bring perfection to this product. This is the best choice for a space for you to rest, converse with laughter and happiness.


Rilyson Wicker Patio Furniture Set

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Classified as a high-end product, this product is perfectly designed for villas and houses in beautiful suburbs. The Rilyson brand always brings peace of mind to users thanks to premium materials that bring durability to the product. The product's design supports the neck & arms, creating the best comfort when sitting on it.

In addition, the soft seat cushion helps you feel comfortable in any sitting position. weather-resistant PE rattan & powder-coated steel frame are always necessary materials that manufacturers use to create good products for outdoor use.


 HERA'S HOUSE Patio Furniture Set

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Classified as a high-end product, HERA'S HOUSE brings you a perfect choice of Patio Furniture Set products. The product includes 6 Pieces Set & is equipped with Fire Pit Table, providing comfortable seating for 7 people. The seat with 3.2" thick seat cushion always makes you feel soft and comfortable so you can start a conversation with laughter and confidence.

A series of good parameters about the product such as Anti soiling, easy to stain, UV resistant... help you always feel secure when ordering this product. Because it is a product used outdoors, the manufacturer always commits that the product is durable when exposed to rain, moisture, or intense sun exposure. Order the product today, to enjoy the feeling of relaxation with it in your own backyard


 Tangkula 3 Pieces Patio Furniture Set

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The product is very durable with the ability to withstand all weather conditions. The product comes with Thick Cushions to give you a smooth feeling when sitting. You can buy this product to put in your garden, or put it in your garden. Hotels should also buy this product placed on the hotel room balcony. Every morning being able to sit and watch the wonderful natural scenery will be the most enjoyable thing. With a product weight of only 57.5 Pounds, it is suitable for moving to different locations as needed. Tangkula is a long-standing brand in the market, always bringing you perfect quality products. Buy this product today!


AVAWING 5 Pieces Patio Furniture Set

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Latest trend for best Patio Furniture Set, make you comfortable with design of chair & with cushions. The product with table that make it fully and in neat set. With this Furniture Set, you can relax, enjoy the best time in your garden, inviting friends for conversation. The product is suitable for house with garden, for resorts or hotel.

Products with PE Wicker material bring beauty, product color is hard to fade over time. This will be the best choice for your home.


 Pamapic 5 Pieces Wicker Patio Furniture Set

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Durable PE rattan is always the first choice. With this product you can relax for the best feeling, can put your feet on the podium to help take a nap if necessary.

The product is designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions such as rain, sun, wind. In addition, this product is also designed to withstand the weight when sitting on.


 Shintenchi 3 Pieces Outdoor Patio Furniture Set

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Just enjoy your relaxing time with this Furniture Set. The product offers for 2 Person with 2 chair for conversation, fits for the small space in your patio, garden, lawn, backyard, and it can make your outdoor living space beautiful and modern. Made of high quality and lightweight PE rattan material and steel frame, this furniture set is weather resistant and can serve you for a long time.This wicker outdoor furniture gives you the most wonderful view while enjoying outdoor living. Enjoy the day drinking coffee and reading your favorite book at your very own rattan garden furniture set. You may care about Size of Single Chair:20’’(W) x 18.9’’(D) x 33.85″(H) Size of Coffee Table: 17.7 “(W) x 17.1” (D) x 19.9″(H) Maximum Weight Capacity: 200lbs.


 Greesum 4 Pieces Patio Outdoor Rattan Furniture Sets

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It’s wonderful design for home & garden or your resort. This Outdoor Rattan Furniture Sets include 3 durable chairs & 01 small table. It’s modern design for your modern life Soft cushions can make you feel comfortable when you sit on it . Enjoy the most Excellent manufacture technology make the chairs looks very smooth and Anti rust and anti-corrosion treatment make the chair has longer service life Rattan wicker has outstanding sturdy to stand your weight and the material looks like very smooth It can be widely used in differnt scenarios such as can use it to have a nice chat with your firends in your beautiful garden.


 Greesum GS-3RCS8BG 3 Pieces Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets

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It’s great design for resorts, villas. This set with 2 chairs a glass table for any couples taking conversion & see the sea. The chair set adopts high quality rattan wicker which can face all weather because the rattan had been treated with anti rust and anti-corrosion, these reasons ensure its longer service life. Sure with rattan wicker material, then it’s lightweight & easy to carry. Sure you will feel comfortable with its soft cushion and suitable backrest.


 Tangkula AM0583HM 3 Piece Patio Furniture Set

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Tangkula is always a good option for outdoor furniture. Its stylish & durable design conquer the heart of clients. This rattan wicker furniture set includes 2 singe chairs, 1 coffee table. The wide design of chair allow you to sit in comfortable way & for conversation. You can own this set for your garden, lawn, backyard. Sure with seat cushions and armrest will add extra comfort for your seating. You may care about Product Dimensions: 23 x 21 x 15 inches & Its Weight 37.9 pounds.

Guide to choose a suitable Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set

Outdoor rattan tables and chairs are used for many different spaces. Depending on the space to use, we need to have appropriate options. As follows:

Use outdoor rattan furniture set for family living space

Rattan wicker Patio furniture sets will often be placed in the balcony area, backyard, family swimming pool. With a family living space, you can choose rattan tables and chairs with a simple and close design suitable for the space of a beautiful garden. Depending on the type of space or design theme of your family, you can choose rattan furniture with different designs such as classic, modern or innovative.

 Choosing them for the restaurant space

When choosing outdoor wicker patio furniture sets, you must pay attention to the space of the restaurant, the general design idea and how to impress the customers.

It is necessary to choose the type of plastic rattan table and chair that brings a comfortable, pleasant feeling when sitting and is absolutely safe and sure for customers. Should choose a variety of tables and chairs to be able to arrange a variety of areas. Choose tables and chairs with a simple and light design to make it easy to move and move.

 Choosing outdoor rattan wicker furniture set for villas and resorts

Outdoor Wicker furniture Sets for villas and resorts requires unique design, bringing modernity and luxury. Exuding a high-class resort space.

You can choose egg-shaped imitation rattan chairs placed in the pool or terrace to meet the needs of a high-class resort. Or choose the fake rattan sofa sets for the terrace area to arrange the space for the unique light music cafe.

What’s special about Outdoor Patio Furniture Set?

Flexible plastic rattan fibers are molded into many motifs, interlocking. Therefore, the designs of products from rattans look elegant and light. Outdoor wicker patio furniture sets are among those best buy products for you family, with the convenience of using, bring the comfort for you. Let’s explore more from them

Create a relaxing space and comfort for the user

Knit texture with small openings creates a smooth feeling; both help the plastic rattan chairs extremely airy. The product does not create a sense of discomfort for people who sit for a long time but is extremely comfortable.

Easy to clean

Cleaning the rattan table and chairs is extremely easy and convenient. Every day, you just need to use a cloth to wipe the dust on the surface of the product. In addition, the product is extremely waterproof even when placed in outdoor space. So it can be easily cleaned with water without fear of mold. Convenient for the cleaning process, helping to save cleaning time. This is a big plus, especially for restaurants and cafes.

When customers come in and out constantly and require the furniture to be always clean, the easy-to-clean tables and chairs will be especially useful. To make the product more durable, you can refer to the principles of preserving plastic rattan furniture at the end of our article.

Light weight, easy to move in space

Wicker patio furniture set are relatively light in weight (compared to wood). The set includes tables & chairs. Therefore, you can move, store and preserve the whole set easily. This is a great advantage for spaces such as Backyard, restaurants and cafes, resorts.

Durable when used for outdoor space

Outdoor garden space always makes it difficult for interior designers. Because with the space without a roof, a lot of rain and sunshine in Vietnam, the furniture will be damaged quickly. Outdoor plastic fiber tables and chairs help cafe owners have more options when decorating outdoor spaces. Imitation rattan plastic tables and chairs are made from a sturdy iron frame (or aluminum frame), sprayed with protective electrostatic paint and knitted from fake rattan fiber.

The aluminum frame of the fake rattan plastic furniture will not warp, do not worry about rust when left in the rain or shine. At the same time, the soft and flexible imitation rattan fibers contain compounds with high UV and ultraviolet resistance. From there, the high-grade imitation rattan fiber will keep its fresh color, tension, and not rot after many years of use. Therefore, durable plastic rattan tables and chairs; not broken, cracked or moldy, termite when left outdoors.

Diverse in design with outdoor rattan furniture set

To create a unique space with a set of outdoor plastic rattan furniture, besides choosing a quality table and chair with a beautiful design, you need to have a good aesthetic perspective. As a result, it is possible to create a synchronous, harmonious space and express design ideas.

To do this, it requires you to have good aesthetic taste, stability and understanding of interior and exterior space design to choose products yourself and create unique and aesthetic designs. Or if not, you need to ask for the help of a consulting unit that has expertise and has provided exterior design solutions with impressive outdoor furniture before. With experience on buying guides, we will suggest you with the best product, update the latest trends.

Above are our shares about choosing outdoor rattan furniture for each current use. In fact, to be able to find and choose for yourself the most suitable furniture, you should go to the address that sells quality wicker rattan furniture set for more detailed reference and advice.

What colors you should choose for Outdoor Patio furniture set?

Beige is always considered a clean color & suit to every outdoor spaces: . Because this type of product is placed outdoors, it can withstand all weather conditions, rain, dust. With the Beige or dark brown color, the patio set will always seem to avoid color fading that show up with long time of use.

Surely you have chosen the best product. Be bold to order the product now, because time waits for no one. We are sure that the product will bring you comfort, enjoy meaningful moments with friends and relatives. The moments of enjoying delicious food & enjoying time outdoors always bring a new feeling, to revive energy, bring new life to the new working week. Update countless products, buying instructions from our experts to experience a meaningful life.


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