5 benefits of salmon to your health

Jenifer Truman
By Jenifer Truman
Created on Jan 21, 2024

Many Food Experts’ve seen the benefits of salmon to the health of consumers, especially the elderly and children. According to experts’ research, salmon meat has a very high content of nutrients such as fatty acids and omega-3, which are good for human heart, skin, hair and brain. Here are 5 benefits of salmon that you should know

1. Salmon helps reduce heart disease, risk of stroke

According to the latest research from Harvard University, USA, the Omega-3 content in salmon helps improve blood cholesterol levels, prevent blood pressure diseases to make your heart healthier. Minimize your risk of heart disease and stroke.


Research shows that a diet with salmon will help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases by up to 12% compared to people who do not eat or eat less.

2. Salmon helps prevent obesity and diabetes.

Protein content in Norway salmon is very high, but you absolutely do not have to worry about conditions such as excess protein, obesity, diabetes … because this protein is different from the protein in animal meat that is very good for health make strong for cardiovascular system.


In addition to salmon protein also contains large amounts of amino acids that are good for the digestive system, cardiovascular. Moreover, salmon meat also contains essential vitamins such as A, D, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iron … especially calcium to help to strengthen bones.

3. Salmon helps build muscle, good for people who take gym 

Salmon is also very good for people taking gym because the protein ingredients inside salmon meat helps to establish and restore muscle tissue cells to help you quickly get in good shape.

In addition, Omega-3 content also helps reduce the risk of protein breakdown for stronger muscles during exercise, as well as rehabilitation for muscles. So in order for the gym with quick muscle building, the protein and omega-3 content in the body will help you compensate for the energy lost during exercise.


Therefore, to quickly achieve the expected results,  people taking gym not only needs to exercise diligently. Today, American also  add the essential energy for gym & exercise , to get more effective by eating salmon and beef also in your diet after every training session.

4. Salmon is very good for brain development

“Salmon is very good for developing and perfecting the baby’s brain” this is confirmed by many experts in global nutrition. As we all know DHA is very good for height development, as well as the human brain. Lack of specific substance can lead to memory loss and decrease your intelligence.

In particular, for pregnant women, eating salmon to supplement DHA is essential for the process of perfecting the baby’s brain.

5. Salmon helps brighten your eyes and increase the eye sight

Omega-3 and amino acid content in salmon helps improve eye health, prevent macular degeneration (Also known as ADM), remove dry / tired eyes problems.


ADM is a common eye problem in people over 50. At this age, the eyes often suffer from reduced vision, which can lead to blindness, so supplementing with Omega-3 and vitamin D from salmon is absolutely necessary.

How are Atlantic Salmons raised?

Unlike wild salmon, farmed salmon is cared for and harvested in a strictly controlled environment and process. However, even salmon advertised as completely wild Alaska has a special time of fertilization and breeding in the farm before being released into the wild.

Salmon is raised in Norway in two stages. In the first stage, salmon hatches from the eggs and is kept in a freshwater tank. By 12 months of age, young salmon (smolt) are put in floating cages or net cages in enclosed bays or along the coast. Here, salmon industrial food (pellets) based on the strict cycles about the age of salmon, time for raising salmon up to 24 months , then salmon should be harvested.

More than just a product, salmon is part of Norwegian culture.  Norwegian ocean-farmed salmon are raised with experienced and traditional experts on fishing and seafaring. The comfort of salmon in captivity is a top concern of Norwegian fishermen.

Raised in the cool and fresh water of the ocean, salmon is well cared for to get the best meat quality and be favorite by veterinarians. By applying for feeding teachnology for samon; it’s now almost completely automatic when the monitoring system can tell when the fish is full to turn off the feeding device.

Although salmon often live in groups, the Norwegian farmers allows only a density of farmed fish of less than 2.5% of the water volume of the farm. This is to avoid overcrowding, to ensure that salmon farming has the best conditions for development.

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Jenifer Truman

Jenifer Truman

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