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Linda Mabrey
By Linda Mabrey
Created on Feb 10, 2024

Frozen pizza is a fast food food that is increasingly popular today because of its convenience. In the past, to be able to eat pizza, it could take a long time for the pizza to finish baking. But now you can eat a delicious pizza in just a few minutes. Let's explore attractive frozen pizza products in the article below.

1) Amy's Frozen Pizza

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Amy's frozen pizza is a famous home-cooked pizza brand today. This brand with special ingredients with organic wheat flour and extra virgin olive oil. People love to enjoy this pizza thanks to the unique flavor from Savory & sauce that is made from organic potatoes with its own flavor and nutritional value.. This is a reputable brand in the field of fast food processing and always puts quality first. Every piece of pizza here has a delicious taste and the crust is crispy after being baked for a few minutes.

2) Red Baron, Classic Sumpreme & Frozen Pizza

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Red Baron's frozen pizza products are famous for combining many separate ingredients such as flour, sugar, salt and many other ingredients. Pizza lovers also find that the vegetables and tomatoes in the pie have a delicious flavor. The highlight is that the price of this pizza is very competitive and suitable for many people.

The manufacturing process creates unique flavor and excellent quality. After many years of operation, Red Baron pizza has created a reputation for dedicated service and a variety of delicious pizzas to customers.

3) Aplenty Frozen Pizza

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Mozzarella cheese dollops is the main flavor in this product. Inspired by the typical Italian flavor with a spicy taste, this frozen pizza appeals to a large number of consumers thanks to its unique  brand. The pizzas from this store are all made from fresh and carefully selected ingredients, creating a unique culinary experience. The ingredients are selected from different regions that feature flavors such as Wisconsin cheese and California tomatoes.

4) Home Run Inn Classic Pepperoni Pizza

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Considered a premium Pizza, Home Run Inn is known for its delicious taste every time you enjoy it. To have such good product quality, manufacturers require careful fuel selection before processing. Typical Pepperoni flavor from natural, healthy ingredients. homemade Italian sausage with high nutritional value, bringing satisfaction to diners, the world's oldest family brand to create trust for consumers.

5) California Pizza Kitchen Four Cheese Frozen Pizza

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California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza offers you with 100% Real Cheese Pizza, No artificial Flavors, delicious and attractive ingredients, standard Italian style. This delicious pizza only needs to be baked for 10 minutes and can be enjoyed as deliciously as at a restaurant.

This is a product suitable for all families, providing delicious breakfasts for children. You can use it in combination with other breakfast menus such as fresh milk and fruit juice. Let's explore the unique flavor of each delicious piece of pizza from this brand.

6) Rao's Made for Home Frozen Pizza

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Famous pizza brands always have careful and beautiful packaging. Rao's homemade always focuses on pizza quality to excellent product packaging, so you can give it to your loved ones with luxury. Rao's Homemade frozen pizza with naturally sweet, vine-ripened Italian tomatoes and fresh basil. The product is easily ready to eat on specialized ovens in your kitchen. From now on, come up with ideas for products to eat with this pizza, adding flavor to your taste.

7) Digiorno Frozen Pizza 

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 Digiorno Pizza is a very special type of pizza because it has a deep base and a filling filled inside. Usually, there will be more mozzarella cheese than the regular crust, creating an interesting difference in this type of pizza.

This is a brand that produces 3-meat pizzas with fresh ingredients and undergoes thorough testing before coming into operation. The products here will all be based on modern processes to create the most delicious and quality pizza.

How to Choose Frozen Pizza

When looking to buy frozen pizza, there are 5 things you need to pay attention to:

1) Choose the Type of Pizza Based on Your Favorite Topping

Pizza is divided into many types based on the ingredients added on the top (topping). 

Among them, one of the most popular and classic pizzas in the world is Margherita - typical of the Naples region with the name named after Italian Queen Margherita, with 3 outstanding colors of red, white, and green tomatoes. sour, cheese and basil.

In addition, you can choose toppings according to your preference such as Minced Beef Pizza with 3 main ingredients: tomatoes, cheese and beef; Seafood Pizza has a fresh, elegant flavor made from shrimp, oysters and a slight sourness of tomato sauce or fatty Cheese Pizza.

On the other hand, mini pizzas from small manufacturers are also an ideal choice because they have good prices and are seasoned according to USA taste, making them easy to eat for most people.

2) The feeling of enjoyment changes according to the cake base

Pizza bases (crusts) are very diverse, the characteristics of each type of base will significantly affect the feeling when chewing. Below I will introduce the main characteristics of 3 popular types of pizza crust including Crispy Crust, Italian Crust and Bread Crust.

Crispy Crust: also known as Roman-style pizza, for those who do not like to eat crust, taste light, and feel crunchy when chewing. 

Italian-Style Crust: The tall, hollow outer edge is called the cornicione, the closer the crust is to the center, the thinner it is, so the cake has a balanced texture between the crispy edges and the soft crust.

Bread Crust: The crust is chewy and soft like bread, suitable for those who want to eat a full, firm stomach.

3) Choose a mix of flavors if eating with the whole family

Frozen pizza can be purchased individually but can also be ordered in combos. You should choose to buy a combo of all kinds of pizza so you can enjoy many flavors if you want to eat with the whole family. Trying new flavors also helps you make new discoveries.

4) Choose a Size That Fits Your Oven

Frozen pizza can be cooked or reheated in the oven, microwave, and pan depending on the instructions on the package, so you'll need to choose a pizza that's the right size for the utensil you plan to use.

There are many sizes of pizza for you to choose from, from small 14cm diameter cakes that are enough for one person to 30cm cakes for large groups. A 20cm diameter pizza will fit in a typical small oven/microwave.

5) Pizza for Dieters

Sometimes you crave pizza but are worried about your weight or are on a diet? At these times, low-carb pizza will be the most suitable choice. The crust is made from flour with a low sugar content, so you can enjoy pizza without feeling regret for "yourself".

If the amount of sugar in 100g of regular Margherita pizza is about 50g, then sugar-free pizza is often reduced to only 10g. However, the number of products is still limited on domestic e-commerce sites

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