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By Isula Vatel
Created on Mar 16, 2024

Once known as a famous actor in many movies & shows; I really like the movie The Mask with her starred in. Like many other famous Hollywood actors, Cameron Diaz has always had many fans and friends. Therefore, her trends on Social Networks always receive attention from a large number of people.

As a young and dynamic person, Diaz always knows how to enjoy this life with simplicity. And recently, on her Instagram, there are always pictures of her cooking in the kitchen and showing off her brand of fine wines to the fans.

Avaline Wine by Cameron Diaz

  The actress has just joined hands with her longtime friend, entrepreneur Katherine Power, to launch the Avaline wine. The reason for launching the organic wine brand Avaline has always been something she has cherished for a long time.

Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power are two friends with similar interests – about beauty, health and wine. One day, while on vacation together, the two realized: I eat organic food, I care for my skin with organic cosmetics, but I don't know whether my bottle of wine is organic or not.

She is very experienced with wines. That's right, wine is always a secret in anti-aging of the body as well as improving your taste. Diaz always advises people to use wine whose grapes are organic sources. Why so? because organic grapes are grown from places with soil characteristics and retain their flavor as well as being safe for health.

In addition, she was shocked to discover that “wine is not just fermented grapes. Low-grade ones are likely to be formulated with more than 70 different additives." The actress shuddered, "You know, when our lips turn a little red and purple from drinking red wine, maybe it's not the color of natural wine but comes from a food coloring called Mega Purple."



Finally, for vegans, not all wines are suitable. “Many wines are filtered with egg whites or isinglass, a type of collagen that comes from fish organs.”

Finally, Decided to create her own organic wine - "Avaline"

Shocked by this information, Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power decided to craft their own bottle of wine.

It took these two women 2 years to implement their plan. Luckily, both of them had a lot of experience that helped them. Cameron Diaz has spent a lot of time researching health and organic eating. And Katherine Power has many years of experience building successful brands, like WhoWhatWear.

“Cameron Diaz can talk to you for hours to talk about soil quality, grape varieties... and I don't understand anything. I only know how to calculate profits,” Katherine Power joked.

Their result is Avaline wine, a clean green organic wine brand, suitable for vegetarian diets, without added colors, sugar or other additives.

On the Avaline wine label, the ingredients are clearly noted. “In the wine industry, there are no rules that require growers to clearly state what ingredients they used to make this bottle of wine. We are different. I think, consumers must know this information clearly," Cameron Diaz said.

Passion and love for wine and the result is Avaline 

Sometimes, a star's name is borrowed by the grower, paid for royalties, and then attached to a wine bottle just for marketing purposes. But Avaline is different. It is the passion of both of these successful women.

The duo even spent hours deciding on the brand name. They used...a website specializing in baby name consultation to find the right name. “It has to be strong, but feminine,”

Katherine Power said. “The market already has hundreds of thousands of different wine names. We were quite struggling to decide. But when we read the name Avaline, we both agreed: this is it!

Let's explore Cameron Diaz's Avaline wines

Currently, the Avaline wine brand has two types of products: Avaline Rose and Avaline White Blend. These two bottles of wine are extremely low in calories, salt and sugar. Both are easy to drink for summer. Can be chilled or served with ice.


Avaline Rhone Blend

Avaline Rose is brewed from Grenache, Cinsault, Caladoc, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties. Sweet taste, fragrant aroma of melon and citrus.


Avaline White Wine is brewed from three grape varieties: Xarello, Macabeo, and Malvasía.
Sharp, slightly dry, refreshing taste for hot summer days.

As with other famous wine brands, you can now order Cameron Diaz wines online. Often you will think what food should you enjoy this wine with? There are so many delicious dishes to enjoy with wine, but there is an undeniable fact that wine is very good for your health. So take a look below to see which of her wines you like

Avaline Rose, 750 mL Bottle

Avaline White Blend, 750 ml

Avaline Rhone Blend, Red Wine


And there are many delicious dishes to enjoy with Avaline wine like Lobster, Shrimps, Goat cheese, Steak and red wine, salmon. And I really like to drink her Avaline with any dishes & watch again the film "The Mask" with Diaz starred in...  Let's follow Diaz & her friends continue to share in the coming times.

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